Nexans Product Announcement | Nexans Euromold 480TB Elbow Connectors

Published 30 Apr 2021

Euromold 480TB Tee Connector 11kV 33kV 42kV

Nexans Euromold 480TB

Plug-In Separable Tee Connector MV HV

Dead Break Elbow Connector

During the last three years, Nexans have seen a gradual change from the EUROMOLD® 430 series of connectors to the EUROMOLD® 480-series due to the technical benefits offered by the 480 connectors and the brand new CA0 cable adapter.

The complexity imposed on our manufacturing and kitting facilities of producing both connector types affects their ability to respond to orders in a timely fashion and ultimately affects our “On Time, In Full” metrics.

To improve this situation, Nexans have decided to “End Of Life” the 430 family of Euromold connectors – this change will accelerate the natural evolution of the EUROMOLD® Interface C product mix and will begin with immediate effect.

480TB Nexans Euromold - Interface C - Tee Connector

Nexans Euromold 480TB – Interface C – Tee Connector

Nexans anticipate ceasing production of the Euromold 430 connectors on September 1st 2020, which are now officially replaced by the already available Euromold 480 series. This 480 series also benefits from enhanced delivery time, helping to improve inventory management.


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