Martindale VIPD138 Voltage Indicator & Proving Device Kit

Martindale VIPD138 Voltage Indicator VI-13800 (unfused) & Proving Device

Martindale VIPD138 Voltage Indicator VI-13800 & Proving Device PD440


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Martindale VIPD138 Voltage Indicator VI-13800 (unfused) &  proving device PD440 kits form a part of the Martindale electrical test equipment product portfolio.

The Martindale VIPD138 kit includes the VI-13800 voltage indicator and matching PD440 proving unit. Kits are supplied in the TC69 combination carry cases to ensure that proving devices are always at hand and allow for safe isolation practices on-site in accordance the Electricity at Work Regulations.

Martindale VI-13800 voltage indicator provides instant visual AC and DC voltage indication in four stages from 50V up to 400V.

The bright long life LED indicators give a clear and immediate display of the voltage level range. The indicator has retractable probes, heavy duty finger guards and a two layer double insulated cable with a white inner core to give clear indication of damage that might compromise the user’s safety.

The Martindale PD440 is a 440V AC proving device, designed to enable voltage indicators to be fully checked, in compliance with Health & Safety recommendations.

Using a voltage indicator without first proving it is working correctly could prove fatal. The PD440 is compatible with the new Martindale VI-13800 & the Martindale VI-13700.

It can also be used to check Drummond and other filament test lamps as well as standard multimeters and other manufacturers two pole voltage indicators.

Martindale VIPD138

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Martindale VI-13800 Voltage Indicator Martindale PD440 Proving Device
Voltage Range 50-400V AC/DC Output Voltage output = 400V nominal
50Hz nominal
LED Indication +/-50,100,200,400 V
Polarity & Voltage Indication from 12V Operating Temperature Range -10 to 40C at max. 70% RH
AC/DC Voltage Detection Automatic Dimensions 143 x 84 x 50mm
Range Detection Automatic Weight 400g approx with batteries
Response Time < 0.1 s Batteries 6 x LR6 (MN1500) 1.5V Alkaline batteries or
equivalent (included)
Frequency Range DC, 0-65Hz
Test Current 3.5mA max at 400V AC/DC Martindale PD440
Duty Ratio 30 s ON / 240 s OFF
Temperature Range -10°C to + 55°C
Humidity max. 85% rel.H.
Altitude up to 2000m
Overvoltage Category CATIV/600V CATIII 1000V
Pollution Degree 2
Environmental Protection IP54
Safety BS EN 61243-3: 2010 GS38
Weight approx. 130g
Dimensions approx. 205 x 67 x 27mm


Martindale VI-13800 Voltage Indicator

Electrical Test Equipment, Voltage Detection & Safe Isolation | View Martindale Electric range.

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