ABB EXCOUNT-I Surge Counters

ABB surge counters

Surge Counters for Surge Arrestors | ABB EXCOUNT-I


EXCOUNT-I are surge counters with basic leakage current measurement function.

EXCOUNT-I surge counters are capable of sensitively registering surges in combination with total leakage current. The values are shown digitally on an electronic display.

Measurement of total leakage current is initiated by triggering a light sensitive diode on the sensor using a standard laser pointer. Without risking personnel safety this will initiate EXCOUNT-I to thereafter display the average value in milliampere.

Surge Counters are used to monitor the health of Surge Arresters and protect against potentially damaging events which could lead to deterioration and ultimate overload. It is important to also schedule regular checks of surge arresters including visual inspection and diagnostics to detect and prevent a costly power outage.

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ABB Surge Counters

The EXCOUNT surge counter range draws upon over 70 years of experience by ABB in the development of arresters and associated accessories. Safety, functionality and longevity are key elements which are given priority in selection and design of components. In stark contrast to many other competing products, the EXCOUNT surge counters has not neglected short-circuit safety which lies inherent in the design concept.

ABB EXCOUNT-I Surge Counters

EXCOUNT-I Surge Counter

Design features

As with all surge counters from ABB, EXCOUNT-I does not negatively affect the residual voltage of the arrester. EXCOUNT-I is housed in a sealed, weather-proof case, suitable for outdoor use and proven to match the short circuit capability of the arresters. EXCOUNT-I has been designed for highest personal safety and has been successfully short circuit tested at 65 kA. EXCOUNT-I requires no external power supply as it incorporates its own internal power source in the form of a high efficiency capacitor charged by solar cells.

The electronic display is of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Display type. This ensures highest readability, even in direct sunlight. The display is Bi-stable, which means that power is only required during refresh of the display.

Surge registration

EXCOUNT-I registers the surge each time the arrester has discharged a current over 10 A. The accumulated number of surges is continuously shown on the electronic display.

Leakage Current Measurement

ABB’s unique design ensures that total leakage current through the arrester can be measured without risking personnel safety. The measurement is initiated by triggering a light sensitive diode using a standard laser pointer. This will initiate EXCOUNT-I to start measuring the total leakage current for several cycles and shortly thereafter display the average value (in mA). The counter will then automatically return to its normal state and display number of impulses. Therefore, the measurement can be made at a discreet distance without coming into direct contact with the equipment.

Maintenance free

EXCOUNT-I is a maintenance free product in outdoor applications. The display and solar panels might, however, need to be wiped off before measurement in extremely polluted conditions.

EXCOUNT-I Technical data

Please contact Thorne & Derrick should you require any assistance with the selection, specification or purchase or Surge Counters from the EXCOUNT range of products manufactured by ABB.

Climatic conditions Sealed water-tight design, IP67
Short-circuit capability 65 kA according to IEC 60099-4
Power supply Built-in solar cells
(battery alternative for indoor use)

Surge Registration

Minimum counting threshold (8/20 µs) 10 A
Surge counting memory capacity 999999 registrations (wrap-around)
Time resolution < 0.5 s

Leakage Current MEasurement

Measuring range of total
leakage current
0.1 – 50 mA peak
Measuring frequency range 48 – 62 Hz
Laser pointer wavelength 630 nm

EXCOUNT-I product selection

Model Surge counting Leakage current measurement Auxiliary contact Laser pointer included

Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes Yes
excount-i dimensions

ABB Excount-I Dimensions

ABB excount-I



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