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Pfisterer CONNEX Terminations Plugs Cables Inner Cone 11kV-36kV

MV HV Cable Accessories (Terminations Joints Connectors) & Electrical Safety Equipment

Cable Plugs & Terminations MV HV 


Pfisterer MV HV cable plugs and terminations are suitable for all voltage levels and applications where medium or high voltage power cables must be reliably connected, terminated and distributed within the electricity supply industry.

Pfisterer CONNEX connectors are designed to connect or “plug-in” polymeric insulated cables into gas insulated switchgear, ring main units, circuit breakers, high voltage motors, transformers, tranducers and sealing boxes – T&D stock CONNEX cable terminations for high voltage cable connections into metal-enclosed switchgears with inner cone bushings, 11kV/33kV.

The Pfisterer CONNEX range of high voltage electrical equipment includes: plug-and-sockets, multiple sockets, busbar couplings, surge arresters and voltage testing systems. CONNEX cable terminations are plug-in type for ease of installation, maintenance, repair and cable upgrade unlike conventional permanently fitted cable terminations.

Pfisterer CONNEX Plugs 33kV

Pfisterer CONNEX Plugs 33kV – Size 3 CONNEX plug terminating 33kV polymeric single core cables, copper wire screened.


CONNEX Medium Voltage & High Voltage | Connectors | Bushings | Surge Arresters | Pfisterer


Cable Lugs & Cable Connectors

Pfisterer Sicon

The Sicon brand of mechanical shearbolt cable lugs by Pfisterer are suitable for the termination of all LV, MV and HV cables including stranded, circular and solid types of conductor construction – mechanical shearbolt cable connectors are suitable for the connection of all LV, MV and HV cable conductors and compatible with most types of cold shrink and heat shrink insulation cable joints, 11kV/33kV.

Shearbolt Lugs & Connectors

  • 30% more contact force on aluminum conductors than crimp type compression lugs/connectors
  • No damage to individual wires of the MV-HV cable conductors – suit copper and aluminium
  • Installation with standard tools, no compression or crimping tools required
  • Wide cable jointing, terminating and clamping ranges, 10-630sqmm including 11kV, 33kV up to 66kV
  • Compatible with heat shrink or cold shrink MV-HV cable joints, terminations and connectors

T&D stock and distribute the Sicon range of cable connectors.

Pfisterer Sicon Cable Lugs Cable Connectors

Electrical Safety Equipment Medium High Voltage MV HV

Voltage Detectors | Phase Comparators | Operating Poles | Portable Earthing & Short Circuiting Kits

Electrical Safety Equipment

For Medium & High Voltage Cables, Substations & Overhead Lines

Pfisterer electrical safety equipment MV-HV ensures the protection of Jointers, Linesmen, SAPs and MV-HV power utility workers from the risks and hazards of medium/high voltage electricity distribution systems including underground cables and overhead line conductors.

Pfisterer safety equipment is based on 5 essential electrical safety rules:

    1. Isolate MV-HV Equipment & Cables
    2. Reclosing Lockout To Prevent Restarting
    3. Portable Earthing & Short Circuiting Kits & Systems
    4. Voltage Detectors & Detection – Verify Presence Or Absence Of Voltage
    5. Protection Of Exposed Live Parts (incl Cables, Switchgear, Busbars, Substation Equipment)

Pfisterer Product Ranges

  • Capacitive Voltage Detectors – 1kV Power Systems
  • Double-Pole Voltage Detectors – 500V 4000V DC Power Systems
  • Voltage Detectors – Rail Applications MV HV Power Systems
  • Voltage Detectors – GIS Gas Insulated Switchgear & Load Switching Equipment
  • Phase Comparators – 3 Phase Applications
  • Portable Earthing & Short Circuiting Systems
  • Earthing Clamps – Overline & Substation Earth Clamps
  • Insulating Poles & Operating Poles MV HV
Voltage Detectors 11kV 33kV MV HV Pfisterer

Voltage Detectors MV HV | 11kV 33kV 66kV 132KV Up To EHV

Pfisterer MV Connex Plug

MV Connex Plugs


Thorne & Derrick provide competitive prices and fast delivery from stock for the complete range of Pfisterer CONNEX MV HV cable plugs and terminations.