BAND-IT C136 | VALUSTRAP Band Stainless Steel 3/4″ 19.05mm


BAND-IT Bands & Buckles C136


  • Product: VALUSTRAP Austenitic Stainless Steel Band
  • Manufacturer: BAND-IT
  • Part Number: C136
  • Width: 3/4″ 19.05mm
  • Thickness: 0.015″ 0.38mm
  • Band Roll Length: 100ft 30.5m
  • Weight: 4.4lbs 2.0kgs
  • Average Breaking Strain: 900lbs


Stainless Steel Band & Buckles

BAND-IT C136 band, 200-300 AA grade stainless steel banding, can be installed using following BAND-IT tools  C001 | C400

BAND-IT C136 band is used to form a stainless steel band clamp, ideal for securing lightweight signs, cable bundles or pipe insulation, when installed in conjunction with the correct BAND-IT Valuclips– order code BAND-IT C156.

C136 band is available in mill coil lengths boxed in standard cardboard packaging – for 300ft 91.5m roll order code BAND-IT C126.

VALUSTRAP is a thinner gauge material with a stainless steel band thickness of 0.015″ (0.38mm) – for heavier duty strapping and banding applications we recommend the regular range band and buckles manufactured by BAND-IT:

BAND-IT Band Order Code Width Imperial Width Metric Thickness Imperial Stainless Steel Grade Stainless Steel Grade 316
C202 1/4″ 6.35mm 0.020″ Type 201 NA
C203 3/8″ 9.53mm 0.025″ Type 201 BAND-IT C403
C204 1/2″ 12.70mm 0.029″ Type 201 BAND-IT C404
C205 5/8″ 15.88mm 0.029″ Type 201 BAND-IT C405
C206 3/4″ 19.05mm 0.029″ Type 201 BAND-IT C406


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