BAND-IT C400 | Ratchet Tool

BAND-IT Ratchet Tool C400

BAND-IT Ratchet Tool C400


BAND-IT Ratchet Tool C400

The BAND-IT C400 ratchet tool is designed for the BAND-IT band and buckle systems for clamping, strapping and banding cables, pipes and hoses – the C400 tool is designed for use withcoated or painted stainless steel band due to the gripping mechanism.

  • BAND-IT C400 tool is a heavy duty tensioner for 3/8″ to 3/4″ stainless steel in thickness up to 0.030″
  • Tool is highly portable, fast and reliable ratchet type tool for use with stainless steel banding systems
  • This ratchet tool can be used for sign hanging, insulation work and other cable or pipe banding applications
  • Order Code BAND-IT C400

Visit BAND-IT Tools to view the complete range of manual (hand) and electric power tools used to tension, cut and install BAND-IT band and buckle clamps and cable ties manufactured from stainless steel.


BAND-IT C400 Ratchet tool

BAND-IT C400 Ratchet Tool


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