Published 01 Jan 2018


How Can T&D Help?

T&D’s marketing team can help generate new business leads and opportunities by targeting organic search terms and ensuring your brand/product is providing lead generating organic ranks on Google for specific keywords.

Unbranded open spec inquiries could be coming your way with our dedicated SEO campaigns that are supported by our digital marketing strategy.

All pages can be tracked extensively via Google Analytics so you can see exactly how many clicks a specific search term is receiving. Working together we can tailor a plan which best suits your needs.

In a nutshell

What T&D Can Do For You?

  • Ensuring your product range/brand is well optimised via targeted keywords on our websites
  • Blogs campaigns (including guest blogs) help to support the overall keyword purpose
  • Opportunity to gain Google Snippets increasing click through rates
  • Improve your organic ranks for search terms of your choice
  • Real time analysis and detailed data capture from Google Analytics
  • Increase web traffic with anchor text links back to your website


Examples of T&D SEO Strategy

T&D are able to dominate the top results on Google for specific keyword search terms:

Below shows T&D organically ranking 1st and 2nd on Google and also occupying the top 2 positions for YouTube videos.

HV Cold Shrink


Or T&D can drive traffic to your supplier page on our website:

CATU Electrical

Featured Snippets are another important Google development that can help drive more traffic to a certain webpage for a specific search term:

Hazardous Area Heating

33kV joints

Not only to we get featured snippets for products and brands but also key industry based search terms:

T Class Rating

T&D can provide detailed analysis of targeted keywords and show web traffic curves via Google Analytics. Below shows the Google Analytics Curve for since launch and the record number of visitors on the website at one time.

Google Analytics Curve For Power & Cables Since Launch

P&C Currently Onsite 343