11kV Transformers | Introducing Amorphous Core HV Transformers

Published 01 Feb 2019

Powerstar SO-LO

Manufactured & Designed In UK | Short Lead Time | Transformers LV 11kV

♦ Guest Post from Richard Kerr & Lindsay Brownless from Powerstar

11kV Transformers

The Next Generation Of Distribution Transformers (LV HV Up To 11kV)

Powerstar SO-LO range of super low loss transformers are the only amorphous core transformers designed and manufactured in the UK and provide a cost-effective way of reducing energy consumption by upgrading high voltage (HV) infrastructure up to 11kV.

Distribution transformers have been at the heart of the energy network, and for many large businesses, their sites, for years. However, as technology has advanced it has been an area that has been left in the dark and somehow avoided the wider revolution known as Industry 4.0, referred to as the fourth industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 champions the connectivity of machines to transfer data and give insights into optimising operations.

To change this, there has been a concerted effort from major players in the LV HV power industry to modernise distribution transformers with the introduction of smart distribution transformers. These LV-HV transformers up to 11kV have inherent connective capabilities which allow for remote monitoring and enable the transformer to be compatible with the wider digitisation of industry.

One company dedicated to the production of smart distribution transformers is Powerstar, leading provider of smart energy solutions, which launched Powerstar SO-LO, an 11kV/415V super low loss amorphous core, smart distribution transformer with remote monitoring capabilities, in September 2018.

Super Low Loss Transformers Up To 11kV By Powerstar SO-LO

Super Low Loss Transformers Up To 11kV By Powerstar SO-LO

Powerstar SO-LO was developed in response to the requirement for greater efficiencies as well as greater insights into energy use.

Regarding efficiency, Powerstar realises that traditional cold rolled grain-oriented silicon steel (CRGO) transformers, suffer from higher load losses than transformers manufactured with the more efficient materials such as amorphous alloy. This is particularly true when you compare the current deployed ageing CRGO transformers which may have been in place for over 30 years to contemporary equivalents.

Excellence In LV-HV Transformer Efficiency

To produce a more efficient LV or 11kV transformer, Powerstar had to first identify a material to replace the traditionally used CRGO. The new material selected was an amorphous alloy core. The amorphous alloy core has a more flexible internal structure than CRGO, which enables easy magnetisation and demagnetisation to take place. This allows for lower losses to be achieved than in CRGO transformers, therefore enabling the achievement of higher efficiencies.

These increased efficiencies are perhaps best displayed by the fact that amorphous core transformers can provide up to 75% lower core losses than CRGO transformers. This results in a reduction to energy wasted through load and no-load losses, providing energy consumption savings of up to 3% when replacing ageing transformers.

Bespoke Transformer Offerings Up To 11kV

As a manufacturer, Powerstar understands that every customer has different requirements when it comes to 11kV high voltage (HV) infrastructure and can therefore provide a number of fittings and accessories to maximise the impact of an amorphous core transformer for each site. This is a necessity, with popular sectors for Powerstar SO-LO ranging from manufacturing and industrial, to retail and healthcare.

The most popular fittings that have been applied to Powerstar SO-LO are radiator valves, bi-directional rollers, dehydrating breathers, AVR relays and control panels, winding temperature indicators, close coupled MV switchgears, close coupled LV cabinets/feeder pillars, pressure relief devices, marshalling boxes, forced air cooling systems, and oil temperature indicators.

Additionally, whilst Powerstar SO-LO is an 11kV to 415V amorphous core smart distribution transformer by standard, as a specialist transformer manufacturer with over 20 years’ experience, Powerstar can provide a variety of bespoke solutions including dual voltages, single phase transformers, and three phase transformers.

The solution can also be integrated with Powerstar’s patented voltage management technology to address issues caused by an unnecessarily high voltage profile on the LV side, if applicable, providing additional savings to energy consumption and costs.

Transformers Designed To Connect Power

From LV To 11kV

Due to its remote monitoring capabilities, included as standard, the Powerstar SO-LO 11kV transformer offers 24/7 visibility and understanding of how the equipment is operating, enabling issues to be identified before an event occurs, reducing the risk of operational downtime caused by equipment breakdown or repair.

This is done via a secure platform, accessible by the user from anywhere with an internet connection, which provides comprehensive data in real time. This data can also be used to identify where efficiencies can be made to make further optimisations and enhance the solution’s return on investment.

It is clear that with solutions such as Powerstar SO-LO, the aim to modernise distribution transformers for an age of increased connectivity has been enabled. Through the ability to gain greater efficiencies, amorphous core smart distribution transformers provide a way of ensuring your site’s HV infrastructure is as efficient as possible whilst reducing the risk of downtime in a single, effective solution that is fit for the demands of modern sites.

➡ Case Study 11kV

➡  11kV Case Study Download: Vassiliko Cement Works Public Company Ltd is the largest heavy industry company in Cyprus – learn how Powerstar MAX Transformers achieved significant LV/11kV power and energy consumption savings by reading the Case Study.

11kV Transformers

11kV & LV Transformers

Powerstar SO-LO is the The Super Low Loss, Smart Transformer – amorphous core distribution transformers with remote monitoring capabilities.

Dr Alex Mardpittas unveils Powerstar SO-LO

Dr Alex Mardpittas unveils Powerstar SO-LO

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