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Cable Cleats, Joints & Glands 

Thorne & Derrick, the leading Specialist Distributor of LV HV Jointing, Earthing, Substation & Electrical Eqpt, are distributors for the Prysmian range of products.

The Prysmian Group is an Italian multinational corporation headquartered in Milan that manufactures electric power transmission and telecommunications cables and systems – the largest manufacturer of cables in the world measured by revenues.

We distribute Prysmian cable cleats, joints, glands and connectors for terminating and jointing cables including low, medium and high voltage cablescontact us for competitive price quotations and delivery from stock for the Prysmian product range.


Provide Support, Short Circuit Restraint & Clamp Cables

Cable cleats are available in a selection of materials including nylon, aluminium (epoxy coated) and stainless steel to suit all industrial environmental installations – cable cleats are used to clamp and provide short circuit fault current protection to low, medium and high voltage cables installed in single, multiple, trefoilm quad and bundled formation to cable containment when specified according to IEC61914.

Cable Cleats

Cable Cleats manufactured by Prysmian

Prysmian manufacture a complete range of cable support and fixing systems including two-bolt, hook, claw and the Multicleat cable cleat system specified to support LV-HV power cables with short circuit peak current up to 184kA.


Extend, Divert & Repair Cables 

Cable accessories including resin cable joints are essential components for ensuring the safe and reliable distribution of low voltage power supply 600/1000V to 3.3kV – there is a complete range of straight and transition type jointing kits available for connecting and repairing standard armoured power cables with Polymeric (XLPE EPR) or PILC (Paper) insulation. Specialist application joints for cables include fire resistant, low smoke zero halogen and hydrocarbon resistant for use in hazardous area locations, such as Zone 1 and Zone 2 explosive atmospheres. For 11kV/33kV applications please refer to MV HV Cable Joints section of this website.

Cable Joints Prysmian

Resin Cable Joints | Resin compounds are traditionally used to encapsulate both low and high voltage power cable joints to provide impact and mechanical protection to cable joints up to 33kV. Prysmian low voltage cable joints use high quality, easy to mix, fast flow, lightweight, 2 part polyurethane resin.


Provide Mechanical Retention & Cable Termination

To ensure the reliable electrical termination of all types of armoured, braided or unarmoured cables up to 33kV cable glands provide mechanical cable retention and effective earthing of armour for safe power systems – glands are available in brass, aluminium and nickel plated for meet industrial requirements with international hazardous area certifications including ATEX and IECEx for flameproof and explosion proof applications.

Cable Glands Prysmian

Prysmian cable glands are mechanical cable entry devices that attach, secure and terminate cable ends to an electrical enclosure or directly into equipment providing for mechanical support, earth continuity and protection against the ingress of dust and moisture. Cable glands for installation in potentially explosive atmospheres are available with ATEX and IECEx Certification – hazardous area cable glands prevent the migration of gases and control and contain any potential explosions.

Medium & High Voltage Cable Connectors

Prysmian separable connectors are suitable for a wide range of applications including connection to transformers, switchgear units and motors and can be used in both outdoor and indoor locations, 11kV-33kV.

Prysmian cables and installation accessories support electricity power distribution in oil and gas, offshore, hazardous areas, rail, construction and utilities industries.

Prysmian BICON Cable Joints Cable Glands Cable Cleats Jointing Tools

11kV 33kV Joints | Glands | Cleats by Prysmian for MV HV Cables


Thorne & Derrick provide competitive prices and fast delivery from stock for the complete range of Prysmian cable cleats, joints and glands.

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