Cable Stripping Tools For LV Cables – Alroc DTB Cable End Strippers

Published 05 Jul 2018

Cable Stripping Tools For LV Cables - Alroc DTB Cable End Strippers

Cable Stripping Tools For LV Cables – Alroc DTB Cable End Strippers

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Alroc DTB cable end strippers enable the user to remove the outer sheath insulation of secondary distribution LV Low Voltage cable ranging from 16sqmm up to 150sqmm. The ruler engraved in the cable jointing tool sets the length of the insulation to be removed.

The DTB cable end strippers are compact, light and heavy duty and are available for 6 different cable sections – 16-25sqmm, 35-54.6sqmm and 70-150sqmm.

Other sections are available upon request.

Cable Stripping Tools For LV Cables

Tool Capacity

  • Diameter: ø7.5 – 18 mm, ø0.295 – 0.709 in
  • Sections (sqmm): 16 – 25 – 35 – 54,6 – 70 – 150
  • 35sqmm max length: 55 mm / 2,165 in
  • 54.6sqmm max length70 mm / 2,756 in
  • Certifications approved by ERDF
  • Part Number: Alroc DBT

Alroc DTB Cable End Strippers

Tool Dimensions

  • Length 130 mm
  • Width 130 mm
  • Height 40 mm
  • Weight without box 0.23 Kg

Alroc offer a range of low voltage cable preparation splicing and stripping tools suitable for use prior to cable joint and termination installation.

Alroc Tools

Alroc Tools are used and recommended by PFISTERER for MV HV cable preparation of cables prior to installation of their market-leading CONNEX plug terminations for connection to gas insulated switchgear and substations.

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