ENSTO Low Voltage Overhead Line Equipment & Earthing Connectors

Published 11 Apr 2018

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ENSTO Low Voltage Overhead Line Equipment

Ensto Utility Networks offer comprehensive solutions for overhead and underground distribution of electricity and are built to withstand the toughest conditions on earth. Durable products mean uninterrupted service, lower maintenance costs and, above all, satisfied customers.

ENSTO Low Voltage Overhead Line Equipment

ENSTO Low Voltage Overhead Line Equipment

Ensto offers accessories and solutions for low voltage overhead lines focused on Aerial Bundled Cable Systems, medium voltage overhead lines (for bare and covered conductor lines), low & medium voltage underground cable networks, power quality and network automation including:

  • Four Core System
  • Insulated Messenger Wire System (IMWS)
  • Uninsulated Messenger Wire System (AMKA)
  • Connectors
  • Copper Bars
  • Bird Protectors
  • Cable Lugs, Earthing Connectors and Earthing Bars
  • Pole Fuse Switch Disconnectors
  • Lamp Post Fixtures Fixing
  • Materials for Pole and Wall Mount
  • Suspension Hooks
  • Stay Wire Accessories and Pole  Base Reinforcers
  • Tools
Ensto Four Core LV Overhead Line Equipment

Ensto’s Four Core system has four insulated conductors constructed from aluminium that share the tensile load equally and have a size range of 16-185sqmm. Insulation of the cores is typically made of XLPE or PE and the cable can be supplied with one or two insulated conductors for street lighting.

Insulated Messenger Wire System (IMWS)

An insulated messenger wire cable (IMWS) consists of one to five black, weather resistant, high density or cross-linked, polyethylene insulated conductors twisted around an insulated aluminum alloy messenger (typical tensile strength 300 N/sqmm)

Uninsulated Messenger Wire System (AMKA)

The uninsulated messenger wire system (AMKA) is a reliable, safe and easy way to build a low voltage overhead line system. Because of the small amount of components and short poles it is easy to build and preferred by many professionals.

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