Jointer Training Course | JM1 – Cable Jointers Mate

Published 16 Feb 2021

Jointer Training Course

Jointer Training Course

LV Jointer Training Courses

JM1 – Cable Jointers Mate

This five-day course is aimed at general duty assistants that have no previous electrical knowledge and may be in the process of taking a suitable electrical qualification.

By the end of this JM1 Cable Jointers Mate course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand and solve basic Ohms Law problems
  • Install single phase cut outs
  • Install three phase cut outs
  • Carry out test procedures and understand the principles behind them
  • Demonstrate single phase sub service straight joints using mechanical connectors
  • Fit cable joint shells
  • Mix and pour resin prior to filling and installing LV joints
JM1 - Cable Jointers Mate

JM1 – Cable Jointers Mate

ASM – Avonside Safety Management


Cable Jointing Training – Industry Leading Courses

Avonside Safety Management are industry leaders in the delivery of electrical safety training.

ASM have industry-leading expertise in cable jointing training. They can train a wide range of joint assembly on all commonly used HV and LV cables, catering from inexperienced operatives through to experienced jointers.

Their trainers have a wealth of industry experience and can offer tailored courses to suit your needs including tooling, cable types, joint types and procedures.

ASM have a dedicated training facility located in Redditch offering a market leading learning environment in both practical and classroom environments.