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LV Cable Joints

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Jointing Cables

➡ Thorne & Derrick distribute UK DNO Approved LV Low Voltage cable joints for cables and power systems – this includes resin-filled, heat shrink and cold shrink type straight, branch and service cable joints. Complete ranges of associated cable jointing kits and approved cable jointing tools for use on LV mains and service cables including Waveform and Concentric cables complete with connectors including either crimp connectors or mechanical shearbolt connectors for conductor jointing of cables up to 600V/1000V.

Typically, jointing applications require cable joints to connect cables of dissimilar type insulation, such as XLPE or PILC, with different conductor types (copper or aluminium) and construction (stranded circular, solid circular or sector). To convert from imperial to metric conductor sizes the below table should.

Imperial Cables Conductor Size (sq in) Metric Cables Equivalent Conductor Size (sqmm)
0.007 4
0.0225 16
0.04 25
0.06 35
0.1 70
0.15 95
0.2 120
0.25 150
0.3 185
0.4 240
0.5 300
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