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Cable Tags

BAND-IT ID Tags & Systems are a range of cable tags manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel in grade 304 and 316.  The tags have no sharp edges and will therefore not cause damage to cables, pipes or hoses and they are attached using BAND-IT Tie-Lok Ties.

The BAND-IT ID Tag Imprinter Tool enables the installer to print their own tags – available with different character sizes and with the character wheel, weighs 29.5lbs 0.22kgs.

ID Tag Imprinter Tool & Character Wheel

BAND-IT Order Code Tool Supplied With
ID200 3/32″ 2.38mm character wheel
ID202 1/16″ 1.59mm character wheel
ID203 1/8″ 3.18mm character wheel
ID204 3/16″ 4.76mm character wheel
ID205 1/4″ 6.35mm character wheel

Optional Letter Dial Kits – Weight: 2.09lbs 0.95kgs

BAND-IT Order Code Tool Supplied With
ID281 1/16″ 1.59mm character wheel
ID282 1/8″ 3.18mm character wheel
ID283 3/16″ 4.76mm character wheel
ID284 1/4″ 6.35mm character wheel
ID290 3/32″ 2.38mm character wheel

ID Guide Accessory – Weight: 0.5lbs 0.2kgs

A fixture which allows imprinting on stainless steel banding and bands up to 3/4″ x 0.030″.  Order code – BAND-IT ID285.

ID Tags – Pack quantity: 100 pieces

BAND-IT Order Code Thickness Width Length Package Weight
304SS 316SS in mm in mm in mm Lbs Kgs
ID100 ID440 0.010 0.254 0.75 19.05 2.0 51 0.5 0.22
ID101 ID441 0.015 0.381 1.50 38.10 2.5 63 1.2 0.55
ID102 ID442 0.015 0.381 0.75 19.05 3.5 89 0.8 0.36


➡ Thorne & Derrick stock and distribute the complete range of Cable Tags manufactured by Band-It  from stainless steel used to identify LV MV HV cables, pipes and hoses.

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