BAND-IT Band | All Purpose Band

BAND-IT Band | BAND-IT All Purpose Band

BAND-IT Band | BAND-IT All Purpose Band


BAND-IT All Purpose Band is ideal for wrapping and strapping around cable or pipes while the pre-punched holes ensure quick and easy fastening – the BAND-IT banding is available in both 316 stainless steel or galvanised carbon steel which is resistant to abrasion, corrosive environments and UV light for indoor or outdoor pipe and cable management applications.

BAND-IT Order CodeMaterialWidthThicknessDiameter of HolePackage WeightRoll Length (M)
AE405316 SS U1/2120.0300.763/1653.11.410
AE406316 SS U3/4170.0300.769/3275.32.410
AE407316 SS U1260.0300.765/1687.33.310
AE425316 SS U1/2120.0300.763/1653.11.425
AE426316 SS U3/4170.0300.769/3275.32.425
AE427316 SS U1260.0300.765/1687.33.325
AE465316 SS C1/2120.0501.33/1653.11.410
AE466316 SS C3/4170.0501.39/3275.32.410
AE467316 SS C1260.0501.35/1687.33.310
AE475316 SS C1/2120.0501.33/1653.11.425
AE476316 SS C3/4170.0501.39/3275.32.425
AE477316 SS C1260.0501.35/1687.33.325
AE505GCS U1/2120.0300.763/1651.20.610
AE506GCS U3/4170.0300.769/3272.00.910
AE507GCS U1260.0300.765/1684.01.810
AE565GCS C1/2120.0501.33/1651.2 0.610
AE566GCS C3/4170.0501.39/3272.00.910
AE567GCS C1260.0501.35/1684.01.810
AE575GCS C1/2120.0501.33/1653.11.425
AE576GCS C3/4170.0501.39/3275.32.425
AE577GCS C1260.0501.35/1687.33.325

*  Material thickness includes PPA 571 coating – Base material thickness is 0.030″. C = COATED  U = UNCOATED

➡ Thorne & Derrick stock and distribute the complete range of Band & Buckle products and tools manufactured by Band-It  from stainless steel used to fasten, strap and clamp LV MV HV cables, pipes and hoses.

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