Prysmian BICON Industrial Cable Glands

Prysmian BICON Cable Glands

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➡ See below the complete range of Prysmian BICON Cable Glands suitable for terminating cables in industrial applications – this includes cable glands for single core and multicore wire armoured (SWA steel and AWA aluminium), braided and unarmoured cable termination in safe non-hazardous locations.

Cable glands are available in both brass and aluminium for indoor/outdoor glanding and termination of power, control and instrumentation cables.

For cable termination in explosive atmospheres where ATEX or IECEx certification is a requirement, please see hazardous area cable glands.

BICON is a Prysmian brand guaranteeing high quality, reliable and safe electrical cable accessories for LV-HV cables and systems.

Prysmian bicon CABLE Glands Overview

  • BW BICON Gland – Indoor Termination Wire Armoured Cables
  • CW BICON Gland – Outdoor Termination IP66 Wire Armoured Cables
  • A2 BICON Gland – Indoor/Outdoor Termination IP66 Unarmoured Cables (“Stuffing”)
  • AXT BICON Gland – Indoor/Outdoor Termination IP66 Wire Braided CY & SY Cables
  • CX BICON Gland – Indoor/Outdoor Termination Wire Braided Armoured Cables
  • E1W BICON Gland – Indoor/Outdoor IP66 Weatherpoof Double Seal Armoured Cables

T&D provide competitive prices, fast delivery and expert technical support to enable the specification and supply of all types of cable glands.


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