Cast Resin Transformers | LV MV HV Transformers | 100kVA – 3MVA

Cast Resin Transformers LV MV HV Transformers 100kVA - 3MVA

Cast Resin Transformers LV MV HV Transformers 100kVA – 3MVA

Cast Resin Transformers

100kVA – 3MVA Distribution Transformers

LV MV HV Transformers

Powerstar can offer cast resin transformers from 100kVA up to 3MVA at competitive prices as part of their distribution transformer range. Cast resin transformers can be manufactured to meet your exact specification for medium/high voltage power distribution applications.

Cast Resin distribution transformers are grouped under the category of dry type transformers which are synonymous with minimising the fire risk immediately which is crucial in some difficult applications. The transformers pose zero risk for oil leaks and environmental pollution.

Within the insulation there is epoxy resin and quartz powder making the transformer flame retardant and self-extinguishing if a fire does occur. They all have a thermal class F (155ºC), climatic class C2, environmental class E2 and fire behaviour class F1.

The transformers are available as open units in enclosures with the IP rating IP21 or with PT 100 sensors that can be attached to an optional temperature monitoring system. Cast rein transformers also have control optional fans to upgrade the rating by as much as 30% in some instances.

Cast Resin Transformers

Cast Resin Transformers

Cast resin Transformers

Features & Benefits

  • Expected service life of over 20 years
  • Increased efficiencies compared to traditional CRGO transformers
  • Vibration proof cast resin transformers
  • Reliable even in extreme conditions
  • Low-maintenance solution due to absence of oil, and, crack and moisture-resistant nature of resin
  • Typical primary voltages: 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV, 11-6.6kV DUAL, 33kV
  • Typical secondary voltages: 280V, 315V, 400V, 415V, 433V, 480V, 690V

Cast resin transformers need the air to be cool as they are dry type transformers. Therefore, it eliminates extra costs and labour for liquid-level checking, oil testing, oil recycling costs, and dielectric testing for moisture absorption. They are an easy maintenance option as they only require a vacuum & bolt torques during a routine annual inspection by a trained engineer.

Due to the robust nature of cast resin transformers, and with the absence of oil, it makes them incredibly low-risk and versatile in their range of applications. They can safely operate in even the most demanding or hazardous areas. Operation is even possible when abrupt environmental changes occur in ambient temperatures between -25ºC and 50ºC (depending on the load cycle).

To learn more cast resin distribution transformers and how they could be suitable for your upcoming project please contact us.

➡ Please contact T&D who can specify the correct transformer for your individual needs.

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