Dry Type Transformers | LV MV HV 415V – 11kV 33kV Transformers | 1kVA – 10,000kVA

Dry Type Transformers LV MV HV 415V - 11kV 33kV Transformers 1kVA - 10,000kVA

Dry Type Transformers | LV MV HV 415V – 11kV 33kV Transformers 1kVA – 10,000kVA

Dry Type Transformers

LV MV HV 415V – 11kV 33kV Transformers 1kVA – 10,000kVA

Powerstar dry type or ‘air cooled’ distribution transformers are suitable for LV MV HV indoor and outdoor power distribution applications such as data centres, environmentally sensitive areas, marine and offshore.

These 11kV transformers are considered to be easily maintained, reliable, and robust due to the structure having no moving (or serviceable) parts.

Suitable for industrial, commercial and hazardous applications the dry type transformers offer a long lifespan, efficiency and accuracy.

Ultimately these type of 11kV transformers are a fantastic way to make the most out of the money invested.

Powerstar has manufactured and supplied dry transformers for a wide range of industrial, commercial and hazardous applications. Due to the reliability, efficiency and long service life of the dry type transformers, they are a great way to maximise your investment.

Dry Type Transformers

Dry Type Transformers

Dry transformers are more environmentally friendly and differ from oil filled transformers (liquid filled) as they use only non-toxic and eco-friendly safe insulation systems significantly reducing the chance of pollution and eliminating the risk of an oil leak.

The modern insulation systems and materials utilised in these LV MV HV transformers are Class F (155ºC), H (180ºC) and C (220ºC) depending on the applications and size constraints.

Powerstar manufacture transformers from 1kVA through 10,000kVA with system volts to 22kV – all systems are built and tested to industry standards (UK) EN60076, (US & Canada) UL506 & 1561, or any customer required standard.

Dry Type Transformers

Features & Benefits

  • Long service life (minimal yearly maintenance)
  • No moving parts
  • Zero oil usage (ideal for critical LV MV HV power applications)
  • Dry transformers are suitable for outdoor and indoor applications
  • Low flammability
  • Industry Standards: (UK) EN60076, (US & Canada) UL506 & 1561, or any customer required standard
  • Dry transformers from 1kVA through 10,000kVA
  • Typical primary voltages: 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV, 11-6.6kV DUAL, 33kV
  • Typical secondary voltages: 280V, 315V, 400V, 415V, 433V, 480V, 690V

Versatile applications

All dry type distribution transformers manufactured by Powerstar are designed as a result of the clients exact specifications – there are practically no restrictions on the installation site.

Due to only a small risk of a fire hazard the transformers can be located closer to load which in turn lowers the cable costs and losses.

Dry transformers are suitable for use data centres, for inclusion in customer equipment, environmentally sensitive, marine, offshore & hazardous areas thanks to a significantly reduced flammability.

Dry type transformers can be manufactured to suit indoor or outdoor applications (an enclosure is provided for outdoor sites with a site-specific IP rating) depending on the attributes and stipulations of the site in question.

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