LV MV HV 11kV-33kV Mechanical Shearbolt Cable Connectors

Mechanical Shearbolt Cable Connectors LV MV HV 11kV-33kV

Sicon – Mechanical Shearbolt Cable Connectors LV MV HV 11kV-33kV 66kV

Pfisterer Sicon

Pfisterer Sicon mechanical shearbolt cable connectors are suitable for the connection and jointing of all LV, MV and HV cables, including 11kV – 33kV up to 66kV.

Pfisterer shearbolt connectors with step-less design feature allows for the maximum conductor clamping force to be achieved, even with Class 5 fine stranded conductors.

Pfisterer shearbolt cable connectors are suitable for both solid and stranded aluminium, copper conductors or mineral insulated solid copper cables (MICC) and are internally grooved to aid electrical connection and protect against conductor oxidisation.

Pfisterer Sicon mechanical shearbolt cable connectors feature stepless shearbolt technology for fast, simple cable jointing and cable terminating without resorting to compression tooling – ideal for metric to imperial, transition cable jointing, dissimilar sized and type conductors up to 630sqmm.

Pfisterer’s Sicon mechanical shearbolt cable connectors are compact with rounded edges, ensuring all types of coldshrink and heatshrink joints/terminations can be used and smooth breakage of the shear bolt simplifies the connector tightening process for the cable jointer.

Additionally the shear bolt breaks off flush with the terminal body, avoiding the need for port hole filling and the blocked design provides an oil or water barrier – a excellent range taking capability for fault repair work when the conductor size cannot be determined until excavation.

Operating Temperatures

Pfisterer Sicon cable lugs, utilising connectors with shear-off bolts and manufactured from aluminium are used for the termination of conductors up to 66kV – the cable lugs are electrically and mechanically type-tested in accordance with IEC 61238-1 class A which requires a maximum continuous conductor temperature not exceeding 90 °C.

Network Rail approved for use on the UK rail network – see PADS numbers below.


Mechanical Shearbolt Cable Connectors LV MV HV 11kV 33kV

Pfisterer sicon selection table

Pfisterer Sicon Order Reference Solid Circular sqmm Stranded Circular sqmm Solid Sector sqmm Stranded Sector sqmm Compacted Circular sqmm Hexagon Size Number of Bolts Overall Length Barrel Diameter Internal Bore Network Rail PADS Number
332/601/010 10-95sqmm 10-95sqmm 50-95sqmm 35-70sqmm 10-95sqmm SW5 2 65.0 24.0 13.0 054/212155
332/607/010 25-150sqmm 25-150sqmm 35-120sqmm 35-120sqmm 25-150sqmm SW5 2 68.0 28.0 16.3 N/A
332/593/010 25-150sqmm 25-150sqmm 25-120sqmm 50-150sqmm 25-150sqmm SW6 4 102.0 28.0 16.3 054/010281
332/592/010 50-240sqmm 50-185sqmm 50-185sqmm 50-150sqmm 50-240sqmm SW6 4 126.0 33.0 20.0 054/010282
332/614/010 50-240sqmm 50-240sqmm 50-240sqmm 50-240sqmm 50-240sqmm SW8 4 126.0 35.0 21.0 N/A
332/602/010 95-400sqmm 95-300sqmm 50-240sqmm 95-240sqmm 95-300sqmm SW8 4 140.0 38.0 24.0 054/212156
332/617/010 185-500sqmm 185-400sqmm 185-240sqmm 185-240sqmm 185-400sqmm SW8 6 170.0 42.0 26.0 N/A
332/603/010 300-800sqmm 300-630sqmm N/A 300-400sqmm 300-630sqmm SW8 6 230.0 50.0 33.3 054/212168


Sicon Connectors

Pfisterer Sicon - The First Stepless Shearbolt Connector

Pfisterer Sicon – The First Stepless Shearbolt Connector

  1. A standard hexagon key is used to screw a threaded stud into the hole in the stepless thrust bolt. The force closure is not interrupted by any steps or notches in the bolt
  2. As the Pfisterer SICON bolt is screwed in, the pressure plate at  the base of the bolt breaks away. The bolt now turns on this plate; unlike with conventional bolts, no tip friction occurs on the conductor. The bolt’s torque generates the contact pressure almost independently of the conductor material. This way significantly higher contact pressures are achieved with aluminium conductors and even fine stranded conductors are not damaged
  3. The Pfisterer SICON bolt continues to turn until the shear torque is reached. The thrust bolt is tensioned as it is screwed  in and, on reaching the shear torque, it stretches axially and breaks off. Compared with conventional shear bolts, the bolt breaks very smoothly, with virtually no jerking
  4. The Pfisterer SICON bolt always breaks even with the surface of the clamp body. This ensures that the minimum possible protrusion is achieved every time irrespective of the size of the conductor to be connected

Rail Cable Connectors

LV MV HV Cables

Pfisterer Sicon connectors can be used to cable joint or terminate sector shaped aluminium cores on 650V signalling power supply cables without resort to pre-rounding conductors (D shaped) into a circular core prior to crimping using die sets and cable crimping tools.

Mechanical cable connectors can also be used for rail track feeder cables (trackfeeder cable) used to distribute 650/750V DC power supply from traction substations and track paralleling huts to conductor rails – manufactured to standard NR/PS/ELP/21101.

Medium and high voltage 19/33kV and 25/44kV rail power cables to Network Rail specification NR/PS/ELP/00008 can also be jointed and terminated using heat shrink/cold shrink kits which are compatible with Pfisterer mechanical cable connectors.

Trackside Signalling Aluminium Power Cables BR880

Pictured: Trackside Signalling Aluminium Power Cables BR880


High Voltage Connectors

Connectors are installed using standard tools to provide reliable medium/high voltage connections on cable joints utilising heat shrink or cold shrink technology – the shearbolts achieve optimum contact force on MV-HV cable conductors without damaging individual copper or aluminium strands.

  • Transverse Grooves – breaks through oxidisation layers for reliable contact with cable conductors
  • Stepless Shearbolts – no predetermined breaking points, always full load capacity of the connector thread

The centring sleeve is inserted into the Pfisterer SICON connector and the conductors inserted into the connector body – the threaded stud should then be screwed into the shear-off bolt. The bolt turns on fitted friction discs until optimum contact pressure is reached – the SICON bolt will shear off on the top edge of the clamp body to ensure a safe and reliable connection for use with heat shrink or cold shrink joints.

No sharp protrusions as all edges of the SICON connector body are rounded.

Pfisterer SICON

Pfisterer Sicon shearbolt cable connectors are available with moisture block for cable jointing applications such as when the HV connector is used with polymeric insulated stranded conductor, to prevent the migration of water along the cables or the HV connector is used to connect paper and polymeric cables, to prevent the migration of paper cable compound into the polymeric cables.

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Pfisterer CONNEX

Distributed and Stocked by T&D – Pfisterer CONNEX inner cone plugs for MV-HV cable termination 11kV | 33kV 66kV | MV | HV

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