93-EE995-6 95-240 Separable Connectors | MV | 24kV T-Plug 630A Connector

t-plug 630A COnnectors

  • 3M
  • Medium Voltage MV
  • Separable Connector Type: T-Plug
  • Electrical Equipment Connection: Bushing (Outer Cone)
  • 3M Electrical Order Code: 3M 93-EE995-6 95-240
  • Terminate MV Medium Voltage Cables: 24kV
  • Cable Conductors Cross Section Area: 95-240sqmm
Separable Connectors

3M Seperable Connectors

3M 93-EE995-6 MC separable connectors are used to terminate medium voltage cables up to 24kV with 95-240sqmm conductors – connectors are T-Plug type with a maximum current rating up to 630A and supplied as a kit of 3 phases. Separable connectors connect between the cable and switchgear, transformer or other MV HV electrical  equipment.

➡ The following table overviews the application for 93-EE995-6 95-240 connectors manufactured by 3M:

Voltage Connector Type 25sqmm 35sqmm 50sqmm 70sqmm 95sqmm 120sqmm 150sqmm 185sqmm 240sqmm 300sqmm 400sqmm 500sqmm 630sqmm
6.6/11(12)kV T-Plug 630A

Separable Connectors

3M Electrical plug-in separable connectors are moulded using high quality EPDM and meet the requirements of EN 50180 and EN 50181.

Designed for the termination of MV cables – indoor use cable connectors are suitable for a wide range of cable connection applications including straight, elbow and T-Plug connector configurations.

Sold in packs of 3 and include silicone stress control elements, earthing set, mechanical cable lug for main conductor, mechanical cable lug for wire screen, plus all assembly materials and assembly instructions for the cable jointer.

All 3M Electrical separable connector kits are fully type tested to Cenelec HD 629.1 (DIN VDE 0278) and are available for voltage classes 6.6/11(12)kV, 20/22(24)kV, and 19/33(36)kV.

Complete range of Joints & Terminations for Medium & High Voltage (MV HV) Cable Systems.

Complete range of Joints & Terminations for Medium & High Voltage (MV HV) Cable Systems up to 66kV from stock.


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