3M Scotchcast Resins

3M Scotchcast Resins

3M Scotchcast Resins


Thorne & Derrick distribute 3M Scotchcast Resins for low, medium and high voltage electrical and cable sealing, insulation, jointing, cable repair, encapsulation and protection – this includes LV 11kV/33kV underground and subsea cables.

Resins are used as part of the process to create electrical cable joints for low, medium and high voltage applications. In instances where resins are necessary over Cold Shrink or heat shrink alternatives, such as joining XLPE and paper insulated cables together, or in potentially hazardous areas where hydrocarbon-resistance needs to be ensured, 3M Scotchcast Resins provide a simple and effective solution.

3M’s Scotchcast resins are compliant with health and safety requirements, EU environmental legislation and user safety regulation changes. These include the CLP Regulation (Classification, Labelling & Packaging Of Substances Mixtures), REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & Restriction of Chemicals), the RoHS Directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and the CE Mark.

3M resin reduces changes of vapour inhalation as well as skin contact by the unique two part resin bag which ensures the correct measurement of compound and hardener are mixed thoroughly and safely.

Complimenting the resin designs are 3M’s Scotchcast low voltage resin cable joints which eliminate the need for sawing and taping of the ends of the resin mould through the range taking foam seal at the end of the mould body.

Mixing 3M Scotchcast Resins

Some general instructions using Closed Mixing Pouch of 3M Resins.

  • Tear open the protective envelope and remove the closed mixing pouch
  • Before breaking the barrier, squeeze the bag to premix the separate components
  • Firmly grasp the flat side of the bag near the centre barrier, while pulling the sides of the barrier apart and rolling the sides of the thumbs through the barrier. Break the barrier all the way across to the side seals.
  • Alternately squeeze each end of the bag, forcing the Scotchcast resin back and forth (30 seconds)
  • Strip the 3M resin from the corners of the bag and continue tomix until the colour is uniform (additional 30 seconds maximum)
  • Clip off a corner of the closed mixing pouch and pour

Before using Scotchcast Resins manufactured by 3M Electrical read all Health Hazard, Precautionary and First Aid statements found in the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

3M Scotchcast Resins

Scotchcast Overview of Resins

  • 3M 470W  – 2 Part Polyurethane Resin (Standard – Cable Jointing)
  • 3M 40 – 2 Part Polyurethane Cable Jointing Resin (Premium)
  • 3M 1402FR– Hydrocarbon Resistant Hazardous Area Cable Jointing Resin
  • 3M 8882  – Re-enterable Electrical Insulation & Cable Sealing Resin
  • 3M 2131 – Flexible, Flame-Retardant & Submersible Resin

3M Scotchcast physical features also make the resins suitable for non-electrical, general use applications including adhesives and sealants.

  • Easy resin mixing ratios
  • Moderate to long pot life
  • Low exothermic reaction
  • High adhesion resins
  • Good to excellent electrical properties
  • Range of flexibility and viscosity

3M Scotchcast Resins for power cable jointing, cable splicing, cable sheath jacket repair, electrical insulation, void filling – hydro-carbon resistant resins (resists gas, oil, chemicals for hazardous area Zones 1 and 2 according to ATEX Directive), flame retardant, seawater submersible resins, fire resistant resins, re-enterable resins and LSF (low smoke fume) resins.

Resins for low and high voltage cable jointing, protection, insulation and repair – please contact Thorne & Derrick.

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Resin Cable Joints – Features & Benefits Of 3M Scotchcast Cable Jointing Systems

➡ Should you require customer service or technical support to specify and select the correct resin please contact us – view the full range of 3M Scotchcast Resins below.

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