Nexans Euromold Connectors (MV-HV 11kV 33kV 66kV)

Nexans Euromold Separable Connectors | 33kV MV HV Elbows Tees Plugs

Nexans Euromold Separable Connectors |11kV 33kV 66kV MV HV Elbows Tees Plugs


Screened Separable Connectors

Thorne & Derrick are Approved Distributors & Stockists for Nexans Euromold Connectors – fully screened compact separable cable connectors terminate medium/high voltage cables onto motor, transformer or switchgear bushings to provide a “touch safe” cable termination with disconnection option for polymeric cables (XLPE EPR).

Thorne & Derrick distribute from stock and provide expert technical support for the Euromold range of Separable Connectors – the European manufactured connectors are manufactured from high quality EPDM rubber and include elbow, straight and tee connectors supplemented by a complete range of 11kV-33kV bushings.

Separable connectors are typically used to terminate and connect cables on power systems and circuits distributing MV-HV electricity at 6.6kV, 11kV, 33kV and 66kV medium/high voltages.

Nexans Euromold are the leading European manufacturer of Medium & High Voltage Cable Connectors & Accessories for MV-HV energy and electricity distribution – providing an underground cable accessory range including premoulded EPDM rubber separable connectors for cables and Euromold epoxy bushings for cable termination into gas insulated electrical equipment transformers and switchgear.

Euromold connectors can be “piggy-backed” to allow for multiple stacked cable connections per phase – ATEX certified cable connectors are available to safely terminate and connect MV-HV cables into electrical equipment situated in potentially explosive atmospheres including Zone 1 and Zone hazardous areas.

Nexans | Thorne & Derrick | Distributed from Stock | Approved Supplier | UK & Export Sales

Thorne & Derrick | Euromold Connectors Distributed from Stock | Approved Supplier | UK & Export Sales

Cable Joints & Terminations11kV Terminations

To complement the Euromold Connector range a full supporting porfolio of heat shrink or cold shrink terminations and cable joints suitable for 11kV/12kV to 33kV/42kV are available for MV-HV power cables with XLPE, EPR (polymeric) type insulation, single or 3 core – 11kV terminations suitable for 3 core and single core cables including Triplex formation are available.

Nexans Euromold also manufacture electrical components for the High Voltage Cable Accessories of the Nexans group – this includes 66kV Joints, Terminations & Connectors.

All Nexans Euromold separable connectors are 100% AC withstand and partial discharge tested at Nexans factory prior to shipment.

The correct selection and specification of Nexans Euromold connectors is dependent on the cable specification and the equipment bushing type – contact us for discuss your requirement and we can support the specification and supply of all types of medium/high voltage cable accessories.

There are 6 bushing interfaces common to MV-HV Electrical Equipment (A, B, C, D, E or F).

Nexans Euromold Separable Connectors

Features & Benefits

  • Compact: fully screened connectors to be installed in close proximity to surrounding MV-HV switchgear steel work and other connectors.
  • Safety: safe to touch and weatherproof. Euromold connectors offer excellent mechanical strength and can be touching if required.
  • Flexibility: connectors can be disconnected/re-used without moving MV-HV electrical equipment possible without having to re-terminate.
  • Ease Of Installation: Nexans Euromold connectors are suitable for use on all polymeric screened MV cable types up to 42kV.
Nexans Euromold Separable Connectors

Nexans Euromold Separable Connectors

Separable Connector International Standards

All Nexans Connectors and products meet International Standards like CENELEC HD 629.1, CENELEC EN 50180, IEC 60137, IEC 60502- 4 or conforming to country specifications. Official certificates including CESI, KEMA and ATEX (Hazardous Areas & Potentially Explosive Atmospheres) are available.

Euromold connectors provide safe medium/high voltage cable terminations to electrical equipment bushings according to CENELEC EN50180 and IEEE ANSI – deadbreak tee, elbow and straight connectors to terminate polymeric screened cables are available for the following bushings types:

  • Interface A Bushings 250Amps 7.9mm Plug-in Pins Up to 24kV
  • Interface B Bushings 400Amps 14mm Plug-in Pins Up to 24kV
  • Interface C Bushings Symmetrical Type 630Amps M16 Bolted Connection Up to 42kV
  • Interface C Bushings Compact Type 630Amps M16 Bolted Connection Up To 42kV
  • Interface D Bushings 1250Amps M16 Bolted Connection Up To 24kV
  • Interface E Bushings 800Amps 5/8″ UNC Aluminium Bolted Connection Up To 42kV
  • Interface E Bushings 1250Amps 5/8″ UNC Copper Bolted Connection Up To 42kV
  • Interface F Bushings  2500Amps Bolted Type Tee Shape Connectors 42kV Up To 66kV
Dimension & Ratings Of Equipment Bushings

Dimension & Ratings Of MV HV Equipment Bushings For Switchgear, Transformers & Substation Cable Connections


Bushing Interface Type
Contact Type  Current Rating (A)  RMS Symm. (kA)   Peak Asymm. (kA)
Voltage Um (kV)
 1 sec.  2 sec. 3 sec. 
Interface A A1 Pin and socket 250 12.5 9.0 7.5 31 24kV
Interface B B1 Pin and socket 250 12.5 9.0 7.5 31 36kV
B2 Pin and socket 400 16.0 11.3 9.2 40 36kV
Interface C Symmetrical
Interface C Compact
C1 Bolted 630 28.0 19.7 16.1 70 36kV
C2 Bolted 1250 75.0 53.0 43.3 >150 36kV
Interface D D1 Bolted 800 50.0 35.3 28.8 125 24kV
D2 Bolted 1250 75.0 53.0 43.3 >150 24kV
Interface E E1 Bolted 800 50.0 35.3 28.8 125 36kV
E2 Bolted 1250 75.0 53.0 43.3 >150 36kV
Interface F F1 Bolted 2500 36kV
F2 Bolted 630 28.0 19.7 19.1 70 52kV
F3 Bolted 1250 75.0 53.0 43.3 >150 52kV

Voltage Rating oF coNNECTORS

6/10 kV
(12 kV)
6.35/11 kV (12 kV) 8.7/15 kV (17.5 kV) 12/20 kV
(24 kV)
12.7/22 kV (24 kV) 18/30 kV
(36 kV)
19/33 kV
(36 kV)
20.8/36 kV (42 kV)
Partial discharge extinction
max 10 pC (@ 2U0)
12kV 12.5kV 17.5kV 24kV 25kV 36kV 38kV 42kV
Impulse (1.2 x 50 µs) 75kV 95kV 95kV 125kV 125kV 170kV 194kV 200kV
AC voltage 5′ 27kV 28.5kV 39kV 54kV 57kV 81kV 85.5kV 93.5kV
DC voltage 15′ 36kV 38kV 52kV 72kV 76kV 108kV 114kV 125kV

Current Rating oF cONNECTORS

Current Separable Connectors & Bushings Cable Terminations & Joints
Medium & High Voltage Electrical Equipment Interface Type
Interface A1/B1 Interface B2 Interface C1/F2 Interface D1/E1 Interface C2/D2/E2/F3 Interface F1
Continuous Ir 250 A 400 A 630 A 800 A 1250 A 2500 A Same as cable
Overload(8 h in 24 h period) 300 A 600 A 800 A 1000 A 1500 A Same as cable
Separable Connectors Switchgear

Separable Connectors | Substation Medium Voltage Connections | pictured Nexans Euromold Type C Bushing Elbow Connectors terminating medium voltage cables onto outdoor located switchgear – this compact and innovative installation demonstrates the versatility of screened separable connectors for proven long-term reliability and safe operation. Elbow connectors are IP (Ingress Protection) rated to IP67 and suitable for outdoor locations (-60 to +130 degrees Celsius) without need to deploy the connectors into an enclosure. Watertight, robust (manufactured from tough EPDM) with innovative connection options including piggy-backing.

Nexans Euromold Connectors (MV-HV 11kV 33kV 66kV)

Nexans Euromold Connectors (MV-HV 11kV 33kV 66kV)

Thorne & Derrick distribute Nexans Euromold Connectors for MV-HV cable termination of 11kV, 33kV and 66kV polymeric insulated cables (XLPE EPR) into gas insulated switchgear – we provide competitive prices for Nexans Euromold connectors from extensive stocks to UK and international destinations.

➡ Should you require customer service or technical support please contact us – view the full range of Nexans Euromold Connectors below.

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