BAND-IT AE453 | Uncoated Clips Stainless Steel 3/8″ 9.53mm


BAND-IT Bands & Clips | AE453


  • Product: Uncoated Stainless Steel Clips
  • Manufacturer: BAND-IT
  • Part Number: AE453
  • Band Width: 3/8″ 9.53mm
  • Pack Quantity: 100
  • Weight: 0.6lbs 0.3kgs

BAND-IT Band & Clips

BAND-IT Band & Clips

BAND-IT Coated and Uncoated 316 & 201 grade stainless steel, can be installed using following BAND-IT tools  C001 | C400 | C075

BAND-IT AE453 clips are used to form a stainless steel band clamp when installed in conjunction with the correct BAND-IT band– order code BAND-IT AE443 | BAND-IT AE433.

BAND-IT stainless steel band and buckle products are available in both 201 and 316 grade material and are typically used to support, fasten and clamp LM MV HV power cables in industrial and hazardous area locations including the onshore and offshore marine, oil/gas and petrochemical sectors – this includes intermediate cable support to substation medium/high voltage cables (11kV 33kV) where cable ties are used in conjunction with cleats to clamp cables.