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BAND-IT Bantam Tool C075

BAND-IT C075 Bantam Tool is for use on coated and uncoated stainless steel band widths of 19mm wide manufactured by BAND-IT.

  • A compact and lightweight ratchet action tool
  • Tension tool has a built in cutting tool for use with banding
  • The 3 way handle can be adjusted for one or two handed tensioning
  • BAND-IT Bantam Tool is zinc plated for resistance to corrosion
  • Tool can be used with coated or uncoated BAND-IT ties, Coated Band, Coated BAND-FAST or Valustrap up to 19mm wide.
  • Bantam Tool is useful when working in tight areas and confined spaces
  • Order Code BAND-IT C075

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BAND-IT C075 bantam tool

BAND-IT C075 Bantam Tool