BAND-IT AE505 1/2″ 12mm All Purpose Band 10m


Galvanised Carbon Steel All Purpose Band


Bundle | Fasten | Clamp Cables

BAND-IT All Purpose Band is manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel or galvanised carbon steel and offers adaptability within fluctuating temperatures and applications where plastic type cable ties are not suitable. BAND-IT band is ideal for bending around virtually any shape and is resistant to abrasion, corrosive environments and UV light. The pre-punched holes ensure a simple fastening with nuts and bolts or screws.

BAND-IT AE505 bands are made from uncoated galvanised carbon steel and is supplied in a 10m coil.

Thorne & Derrick are Stockists, Suppliers & Distributors for BAND-IT.

BAND-IT Order Code Band Material Band Width Band Thickness Diameter of Hole Package Weight Roll Length (M)
In mm In mm In mm lbs kgs
AE505 GCS U 1/2 12 0.030 0.76 3/16 5 1/2 0.6 10