BAND-IT UB254 | UB256 Ultra-Lok Buckles

BAND-IT Ultra-Lok Clamping System

BAND-IT Ultra-Lok Clamping System

Ub254 | UB256

Stainless Steel Clamps

BAND-IT Ultra-Lok is the strongest stainless steel band clamping system available for fastening cables, hoses and pipes.

BAND-IT UB254 & UB256 are designed for use with Ultra-Lok bands for fast installation and to provide tight clamping force and a gap-free inside diameter. These buckles are made from quarter hardened 201 grade stainless steel.

  • Ultra-Lok clamping system is a faster and stronger alternative to standard band and bucklesBAND-IT Ultra-Lok Bands
  • The smooth inside diameter eliminates leak paths
  • The clamps lock under full tension to maximise clamping force
  • A thicker buckle which is 2-3 times stronger than other hose, pipe or cable clamps
  • Ultra-Lok bands & buckles are ideal for heavy duty bundling and on-site repairs
  • Can be applied using BAND-IT Power Tools   – Order Code UL4000 | UL9010
  • Pack quantity – 100
  • Manufacturer BAND-IT

The high strength band type clamping and strapping systems is also used to mount and install LV MV HV electrical distribution equipment to overhead line and utility poles.

BAND-IT products are used to retain, clamp and cleat cables throughout the electrical utility industries for cable containment and support applications in MV HV substations, including 11kV-33kV power systems in both onshore and offshore locations.

BAND-IT Order Code Width Weight
in mm Lbs Kgs
UB254 1/2 12.70 2.4 1.1
UB256 3/4 19.05 3.7 1.7