Boddingtons UFS Insulation Chamfering Tool (XLPE Cables MV HV)

Boddingtons UFS Insulation Chamfering Tool

Boddingtons UFS Insulation Chamfering Tool

Thorne & Derrick provide competitive prices and fast delivery from stock for the complete range of Cable Jointing Tools including tools from Boddingtons which are in widespread service throughout the electrical power industry. Cable preparation and cable jointers tools are available for use on LV-HV cables (XLPE, PILC, EPR insulated), waveform, consac and utility power cables up to 33kV and 132kV.

Boddingtons UFS

Jointers Tool for Chamfering Primary Insulation

ø 15 – 60 mm

The Boddingtons UFS Chamfering Tool is suitable for use with any type of primary insulated cable including XLPE MV-HV cables. With an application range of Ø 15 – 60mm, and maximum rotation diameter of 130mm, the UFS insulation chamfering tool is available in a set with a 2.5mm Allen wrench complete with a soft nylon case to keep the tool protected and secure.

  • Application range: Ø 15 – 60 mm
  • Suggested application: Any type of medium voltage primary insulation
  • Designed for chamfered cuts of primary insulation of MV cables (2 x 45°)
  • Positioning on the cable with a clamp system
  • Tool fitted with PTFE plates ensuring optimal sliding on the cable without the use of silicone paste
  • Replaceable blade
  • Rotation diameter max. 130mm
  • This Jointers tool is not suitable for pencilling

Tool Set equipment

  • UFS – tool for chamfered cuts of primary insulation
  • 2,5 mm Allen wrench
  • Soft nylon case
Boddingtons UFS Insulation Chamfering Tool Boddingtons UFS Tool Set


186 g



HS Commodity Codes

Boddingtons Electrical Ltd is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group

Country of Origin

Cable Range (Ø)

Boddingtons UFS | Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions

Boddingtons UFS Chamfering Tool Operating Instructions





  • Clamp the device to the cable by means of a clamping screw
  • Locate the blade on the top of the primary insulation
  • Turn the device around the cable








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