Electrical Vehicle EV Safety Kits

EV Electrical Vehicle Safety

Electrical & Hybrid Vehicles | Improving Electrical Safety for the EV Industry

➡ The following selection table indicates the EV Safety Kit contents of the following CATU Electrical Safety Equipment ranges:

  • CATU KIT-VE-S1 Obstacle Safety EV Kit
  • CATU KIT-VEH EV Safety Signage Kit
  • CATU KIT-VE-D EV Car Servicing & Breakdown Kit
  • CATU KIT-VE-BCL Instruction Kit
  • EV Safety Kits | Catalogue

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Low High Voltage Electrical Safety

CATU Electrical References  Visual  Description KIT-VE-S1 KIT-VEH KIT-VE-D KIT-VE-BCL
MO-186 MO-186 Face shield with headband Ο Ο
M-87384 M-87384 Cover for face shield or helmet Ο Ο
CG-80-H CG-80-H Undergloves Ο Ο
CG-98-C CG-98-C Overgloves Ο Ο
CG-10-C CG-10-C Insulating gloves Ο Ο
MP-42/11 MP-42/11 Insulating mat Ο
MP-02 MP-02 Bag for insulating mats Ο
MP-123/1 MP-123/1 Insulating flexible cover Ο
MS-917-VE MS-917-VE Voltage Detector Ο
MO-600 MO-600 Flat blade screwdrivers Ο Ο
MO-67501 MO-67501 Cable cutter Ο  
M-882452 M-882452 Storage box Ο Ο
AL-240-Z AL-240-Z Padlock Ο Ο
AP-71 AP-71 Sign for safety
boundary post AL-316
AP-70 AP-70 Sign for safety
boundary post AL-316
AP-550-M1 AP-550-M1 Magnetic sign Ο
AP-550-V AP-550-V Sign to be placed on
the steering wheel
AP-550-M3 AP-550-M3 Magnetic sign Ο  
AP-550-M2 AP-550-M2 Magnetic sign   Ο
ATP-550 ATP-550 Safety and usage
instructions sign
ATP-49/A4 ATP-49/A4 Adhesive warning sign Ο
AT-49/1 AT-49/1 Adhesive warning sign Ο
AT-58/1 AT-58/1 Adhesive warning sign Ο
AL-316 AL-316 7 safety boundary post Ο
AL-31/25 AL-31/25 1 chain delineator of 25m Ο
95-2624 95-2624 8 portable panels Ο


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