Electrical & Hybrid Vehicles | Improving Electrical Safety for the EV Industry

Published 08 Jan 2020

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Electrical & Hybrid Vehicles | Improving Electrical Safety for the EV Industry

According to Mckinsey & Company under the current growth trajectory, EV producers could almost quadruple production in 2020, moving 4.5 million units, around 5 percent of the overall global light electric vehicle market.

This rapid increase in the number of electric and hybrid vehicles has introduced and imposed specific electrical safety regulations upon the EV industry.

For example in France, the electrical safety regulations are now codified according to UTE C 18-550 (♦) to provide clear legislative guidance on the responsibilities of the EV industry to prevent electrocution and electrical injury to workers. 

Thorne & Derrick can support the implementation of electrical safety precautions with automotive manufacturers, dealership networks and garage repair specialists – products specifically designed to prevent electrocution of mechanics:

EV Safety Products 

♦ UTE C 18-550 (Electrical safety instructions for operations on vehicles and motor vehicles with thermal, electric or hybrid motorization having on-board electrical energy). 

EV Electrical Vehicle Safety

Electrical Risk Prevention & Safety Kits for EV Industry

Thorne & Derrick stock and supply EV Kits for electrical risk prevention – contact us for further information or to place an order.

  • CATU KIT-VE-S1 Obstacle Safety EV Kit
  • CATU KIT-VEH EV Safety Signage Kit
  • CATU KIT-VE-D EV Car Servicing & Breakdown Kit
  • CATU KIT-VE-BCL Instruction Kit
  • More Information
EV Electrical Safety

Safe Working On Electrical & Hybrid Vehicles

Catu Electrical Safety Equipment Stockists
CATU Electrical Safety

Do you know that by 2030 electrical vehicle sales will represent 40% of the total sales in Europe & China? This impacts the maintenance approach and safety equipment requirements to enable the industry to work safely. Therefore, CATU as specialist manufacturers of Safety Equipment for the prevention of electrical risks has designed some dedicated kits including insulated tools for live operations, PPE for providing comfort of use and voltage detectors. Discover our complete solution set in the e-mobility brochure.


West Midlands Police approached Thorne & Derrick with a requirement for Electrical Safety Kits for forensic collision investigation at life changing and predominantly fatal road collisions. Training has been upgraded with vehicle examinations of electric / hybrid vehicles but no safety equipment had ever been provided. Thorne & Derrick rectified this EV safety shortcoming when the risk was identified by a new member of staff and the CATU KIT-VE-BCL has been adopted by the police force.

Based in the UK, Thorne & Derrick International are the largest Stockist Distributor of CATU Electrical Safety Equipment protecting workers on underground cables, overhead powerlines, switchgear and substations at LV, MV and HV.

CATU Electrical

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