Electrical Cars & Vehicles | Electrical Safety Kits for Hybrid & EV Maintenance

Electrical Cars & Vehicles Electrical Safety Kits for Hybrid & EV Maintenance

Electrical Cars & Vehicles Electrical Safety Kits for Hybrid & EV Maintenance

Electrical Safety Kits

T&D distribute the CATU Electrical range of Electrical Safety Kits for the electric and hybrid car industry – electrical safety regulations impose specific provisions as recommended by UTE C 18-550.

CATU Electrical Car & Vehicle Safety Kits have been developed for car mechanics and motor garage workers to enable safe working on electric and hybrid cars.

The CATU KIT-VE-BCL electrical safety kit for Hybrid & EV Maintenance consists of the following:

CATU Part NumberQuantityDescriptionImage
C1G-10-C1Class 0 insulating glovesCATU CG-10-C Class 0 Insulating Gloves
CG-981-101Leather over-glovesCATU CG-981-1 Leather over-gloves
CG-80-H1Cotton under-glovesCATU CG-80-H Cotton under-gloves
MO-2861Face shield with headbandCATU MO-286 Face shield with headband
M-873841Face shield pouchCATU M-87384 Face Shield Pouch
MV-138-L1Insulating over-shoesCATU MV-138-L Insulating over-shoes
MP-123/21Insulating blanketCATU MP-123 2 Insulating Blanket
MP-41102Clamps for insulating blanketCATU MP-4110 Clamps for insulating blanket
MP-29/2-S1Insulating bag (small)CATU MP-29 2-S Insulating bag (small)
MP-29/3-S1Insulating bag (large)CATU MP-29 3-S Insulating bag (large)
MS-918-L1Voltage detectorCATU MS-918-L Voltage Detector
PP-6-38-R-Z1Safety padlockCATU PP-6-38-R-Z Safety Padlock
MO-6001Insulating wedgeCATU MO-600 Insulating wedge
AP-550-M 21ID signCATU AP-550-M2 ID sign
M-8824521Tool boxCATU M-882452 Tool Box


Case Study

West Midlands Police approached T&D with a requirement for Electrical Safety Kits for forensic collision investigation at life changing and predominantly fatal road collisions. Training has been upgraded with vehicle examinations of electric / hybrid vehicles but no safety equipment had ever been provided.

T&D rectified this problem when the risk was identified by a new member of staff providing the CATU KIT-VE-BCL.

CATU Electrical Safety

CATU provide a complete range of Electrical Safety Equipment & PPE for personnel protection, including insulating gloves and insulating boots & safety shoes for medium and high voltage electrical protection.

Arc Flash Clothing Protection

For the protection of workers against arc flash risks involved in LV MV HV switchgear testing, circuit breaker racking and carrying out electrical maintenance on cables, panels and switchboards please see Arc Flash Clothing & Protection.

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