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HV Cable Lugs 

The following table enables the selection of the correct Die Set to use with Cembre ECW-H3D presshead tools when installing cable lugs used with MV HV Cable Terminations for medium / high voltage applications from the Cembre range.

These dies sets and high voltage cable lugs are specified to terminate or connect stranded copper conductors up to 630sqmm when using model ECW-H3D from the hydraulic crimping tool range manufactured by Cembre – using the CA range of cable lugs manufactured to crimp IEC 228 and BS6360 type stranded copper conductors up to 33kV.

Please refer to the Cembre presshead range of hydraulic crimping tools.

Copper Conductor sqmm Terminal Lug Crimping Dies
Die Set No. of Crimps
25R – 35RC CA25-M CA25-2M Adaptor AU230-130D
with Die Set MMT..-C
Refer to HT131-C
Die Selection Guide
35S-40S CA40S-M CA40S-2M
50RC CA50R-M CA50R-2M
50S CA50S-M CA50S-2M
63S-70S CA70S-M CA70S-2M
80S-95RC CA95R-M CA95R-2M
95S-100S CA95S-M CA95S-2M
120S-150RC CA150R-M CA150R-2M
150S-160RC CA150S-M CA150S-2M
160S-200RC CA200R-M CA200R-2M
200S-240RC CA-240R-M CA-240R-2M
240S-315RC CA-315R-M CA-315R-2M
315S CA-315S-M CA-315S-2M
400R 2A80-M 2A80-2M MK34-3D 3
500R 2A100-M 2A100-2M MK38-3D 3
600R-630R 2A120-M 2A120-2M MK42-3D 4


➡ For further information about High Voltage Connectors for use on MV-HV power cables including 11kV/33kV networks please see HV cable lugs and connectors.


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