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Cable Crimping Tools

➡ View the complete range of Cable Crimping Tools – the Cembre hydraulic range of cable crimping tools are lightweight, easy to handle and feature spring loaded handles allowing the die sets to be advanced witFcinh one hand.

Hydraulic crimping tools are available for crimping cables up to 400sqmm cross sectional area and working at LV and HV including 11kV/33kV – hydraulic pressheads are available for crimping cables and overhead lines up to 1200sqmm.

Thorne & Derrick can provide expert tool recommendations to ensure customer selection of the most suitable hydraulic cable crimping tool for the cable application – contact us to discuss your requirements.

T&D have been Official Distributors for Cembre since 1985 – full range of hydraulic crimping tools are available for delivery to UK and international destinations from stock; battery type cable crimping tools are also available.

Pictured below the Cembre HT131-C hydraulic cable crimper is the preferred tool by LV HV jointers for installing LV HV cable lugs and splices up to 400sqmm – the crimping tool is compact and robust designed for use in limited access cable trench or control panels. The tool features a double speed crimping action: i) fast advancing speed for quick approach of the the die sets to the connector and a ii) slower and more powerful speed for crimping the copper tube effectively onto the conductors.

Hydraulic Crimping Tools

Crimping Tools

Cembre crimping tools are supplied in protective storage cases housing the die sets and tool manual.

Hydraulic Cable Crimping Tools

Cembre Selection Table

Tool FeaturesHT45-E HT51 HT51-KVHT120 HT120-KVHT81-U HT131-C HT131LN-C HT131-UC 
Width130mm (handles closed)
250mm (handles open)
130mm138mm141mm144mm144mm (handles closed)
344mm (handles opened)
149mm (handles closed)
349mm (handles open)
Length346mm380mm/386mm488mm/492mm485mm473mm583 mm488mm
Crimping Force Developed 50kN50kN120kN80kN130kN130kN130kN
Type Of ActionCrimp / CompressionCrimp / CompressionCrimp / CompressionCrimp / CompressionCrimpCrimpCrimp
Weight2kg (without crimp dies)2.75kg/3.0kg5.7kg/5.8kg3.4kg5.5kg7kg5.4kg
Opening of the Head25mm42mm
Nominal Pressure600bar700bar700 bar
Oil RecommendedAGIP ARNICA HI 32 SHELL TELLUS OIL TX 32AGIP ARNICA 32 SHELL TELLUS OIL TX 32 or equivalent/AGIP ITE360 or ESSO TRANSFORMER P60 or equivalentAGIP ARNICA 32 SHELL TELLUS OIL TX 32 or equivalent/AGIP ITE360 or ESSO TRANSFORMER P60 or equivalent

Maximum cable Crimping Application Ranges LV HV

The following table overviews the hydraulic crimping tools manufactured by Cembre for installing cable crimp lugs and connectors up to 400sqmm – for 500/630sqmm and up to 1000sqmm a full range of hydraulic pressheads are available.

Hydraulic Crimping ToolCable Crimping Capacity C Taps Insulated Terminals  Aluminium 
Cembre HT45-E 150sqmm70sqmm35sqmmN/AN/A
Cembre HT51/HT51-KV240sqmmN/A70sqmm120sqmmN/A
Cembre HT120/HT120-KV400sqmm400sqmm185sqmm240sqmmN/A
Cembre HT81-U240sqmm200sqmm100sqmmN/AN/A
Cembre HT131-C400sqmm400sqmm185sqmm240sqmmN/A
Cembre HT131LN-C400sqmm120sqmm185sqmm240sqmmN/A
Cembre HT131-UC400sqmm120sqmm185sqmm240sqmm300sqmm
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T&D – Cembre distributors and stockists for their ranges of hydraulic crimping tools and pressheads for applications up to 1200sqmm.

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