Cembre ECW-H3D Presshead (400-630sqmm Crimping Tool)

Cembre ECW-H3D Presshead (400-630sqmm Crimping Tool)

Cembre ECW-H3D Presshead (400-630sqmm Crimping Tool)

Cembre ECW-H3D is a hydraulic presshead crimping tool complete with male quick automatic coupler for connection to a hydraulic pump with a working pressure of 10,000 psi max.

Adaptor type AU230-130D is available as an optional extra enabling the tool head to utilise the semi-circular slotted dies which are common to most 12 tons tools (U or C shaped dies) – the hydraulic crimp head is suitable for LV HV cable lugs, connectors and splices up to 630sqmm.

The ECW-H3D hydraulic crimping head has an available series of dies for the compression of DIN electrical connectors – refer to the table below.

The presshead weighs 5.5kg and is supplied in a robust steel case which is suitable for storage of the crimper head tool – used to joint and terminate lugs or connectors on LV MV HV cables including 11kV/33kV medium/high voltage electrical systems.

LV Cable Lugs Splices C Sleeve Connectors HV Cable Lugs Splices
10-630sqmm 240sqmm 10-630sqmm

Cembre ECW-H3D Presshead

User Instructions

  • Cembre ECW-H3D tool is equipped with a “self-lock” quick male coupler which can be connected to a Cembre pneumatic or electric pump
  • Select the appropriate die set for the connectors (crimp lugs or splices) for use with the presshead
  • Open the latch and release the upper die holder of the hydraulic crimping tool or presshead
  • Insert one die into the upper die holder and one die into the lower die holder
  • Close the latch on the presshead
  • Insert the conductor into the connector (crimp lug or splice)
  • Locate the connector between the crimping dies at the desired crimp position
  • Operate the pump to advance the main ram of the Cembre ECW-H3D
  • Continue to operate the pump, the ram will gradually advance until crimp dies meet
  • Recommended to keep pumping until the maximum pressure valve is activated and a “click” is heard
  • After crimping completion press the release lever to release oil pressure
  • Recommend only Cembre Lugs & Connectors are used with Cembre tooling

Hydraulic Foot Pump Options

Connecting the ECW-H3D to hydraulic foot pump is quick and easy using the male Quickfit automatic coupler to deliver 700bar compression force – the ECW-H3D is compatible with both the Cembre PO7000 2-speed foot operated pump or Cembre B70M-P24 portable 24v electro-hydraulic pump.

Cembre Foot Pumps

Die Set Options

A complete range of die sets are available for installing and crimping all types of Cembre lugs and connectors – the die sets indicated in itallics must be used in conjunction with the AU230-130D adaptor die to allow use with the ECW-H3D.

Cable Conductor Size A Range Lugs LV 600/1000V 2A Range Lugs MV HV 11kV 33kV Flexible Copper Lugs ANE Nylon Insulated Lugs CA Copper Lugs  AA Aluminium Cable Lugs CAA Bi-Metallic Cable Lugs
10sqmm ME2-C ME2-C MN2RF-C
16sqmm ME3-C ME3-C MN3RF-C MK16-C MK16-C
25sqmm ME5-C ME5-C MN5RF-C MMT25-C MK16-C MK16-C
35sqmm ME7-C ME7-C ME9-C MN7RF-C MMT50-C MK16-C MK16-C
50sqmm ME10-C ME10-C ME12-C MN10RF-C MMT50-C MK20-C MK20-C
70sqmm ME14-C ME14-C ME17-C MN14RF-C MMT95-C MK20-C MK20-C
95sqmm ME19-C ME19-C ME20-C MN19RF-C MMT95-C MK20-C MK20-C
120sqmm ME24-C ME24-C ME29-C MN24RF-C MMT200-C MK25-C MK25-C
150sqmm ME30-C ME30-C ME35-C MN30RF-C MMT200-C MK25-C MK25-C
185sqmm ME37-C ME37-C ME40-C MMT200-C MK32L-C MK32L-C
240sqmm ME48-C ME48-C MMT315-C MK32L-C MK32L-C
300sqmm ME60-C ME60-C MMT315-C MK34L-C MK34L-C
400sqmm ME80-3D ME80-3D ME80-3D
500sqmm ME100-3D ME100-3D ME100-3D
630sqmm ME120-3D ME120-3D ME120-3D

CEMBRE ECW-H3D Presshead


Cembre ECW-H3D Presshead Specification
Tool Width 120mm
Tool Length 290mm
Crimping Force Developed 230kN
Type of Action Crimp
Weight  5.5kg
Nominal Pressure Of Presshead 700 bar
Cembre ECW-H3D Presshead (400-630sqmm Crimping Tool)

Cembre ECW-H3D Presshead – Hydraulic Crimping Tool

Cembre ECW-H3D

Cembre ECW-H3D presshead supplied with protective carrying case, tool manual and crimp die sets


Cembre ECW-H3D is generally used to terminate copper or aluminium conductors during the installation of LV cable glands (up to 630sqmm) or MV HV joints and terminations (up to 630sqmm).

  • LV Cable Lugs & Splices – up to 630sqmm cable conductors
  • HV Cable Lugs & Splices (11kV-33kV) – up to 630sqmm cable conductors
  • “C” Sleeve Copper Connectors – up to 240sqmm cable conductors
  • Insulated Terminals – up to 300sqmm cable conductors

➡ For Cembre electrical connections, see Cable Crimps, Lugs & Connectors


Cembre provides a matched crimping system to ensure secure LV MV HV electrical connections (lugs and splices) manufactured from copper or aluminium in accordance with CE Marking and international standards – includes a full range of nest, indentor and die sets compatible with their hydraulic and battery crimping tools, all manufactured by Cembre.

Cembre Copper Tube Connectors & Cable Lugs

Copper Conductor sqmm Connector Hexagonal Crimp Indent Crimp
Low str. Flex Terminal Lug Through Connector Die Set No of Crimps Nest Indentor No of Crimps
10 A2-M
L2-M Adaptor AU230-130D
with Die Set ME….-C
Refer to HT131-C
Die Selector Chart
Adaptor AU230-130D
with Die Set MA-C
and Indentor PA-C
Refer to HT131-C Die
Selection Guide
16 A3-M
25 A5-M
35 25
35 A9-M
50 50 A10-M
50 A12-M
70 70 A14-M
70 A17-M
95 95 A19-M L19-M
95 A20-M
120 120 A24-M L24-M
120 A29-M
150 150 A30-M L30-M
150 A35-M
185 185 A37-M L37-M
185 A40-M
240 240 A48-M L48-M
300 240
400 300 A80-M
L80-M ME80-3D 2 MA80-3D PA100-3D 1
500 400 A100-M
L100-M ME100-3D 2 MA100-3D
630 500 A120-M
L120-M ME120-3D 2 MA120-3D PA120-3D 1


Crimping Tool Die Assembly For Cembre ECW-H3D

Dedicated Dies

  • Select the appropriate die set for the connector to be crimped
  • Extract the die retaining pin (09) from the presshead
  • Insert the lower die (26b) and align the groove (30) in the die, with the guide pins (15) in the crimp tool head
  • Insert the upper die (26a) into the tool head
  • Insert the die retaining pin (09) in the tool head and through the upper die
  • Ensure the spring loaded pin (10) is fully released

Semi-Circular Dies

  • Select the appropriate die set for the connector to be crimped
  • Extract the die retaining pin (09) from the presshead
  • Insert the lower half of adapter Cembre AU230-130D (31b) and align the groove (30) in the adapter, with the guide pins (15) in the crimp tool head
  • Insert the upper half of the adapter Cembre AU230-130D (31a) into the tool head
  • Insert the die retaining pin (09) into the head and through the adapter
  • Ensure the spring loaded pin (10) is fully released

Cembre ECW-H3D


For crimping application using Cembre ECW-H3D tools including heavy duty copper tube connectors, nylon insulated copper connectors, copper “C” connectors and high voltage lugs/connectors please contact T&D.

Contact T&D to discuss crimping cables at MV-HV, including 11kV-33kV, to ensure correct Cembre tool, lug/splice and die set selection – visit battery crimping tools for repetitive crimping of cables without strain injury or worker fatigue.

Full range of battery cable cutting tools also available.


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