Insulated Cable Glands (11kV 33kV Medium Voltage Cable Systems)

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CMP cable glands provide the safest and most reliable medium and high voltage insulated cable glands and terminations for all type of MV-HV cables.

cmp Insulated Cable Glands

ZEN Series glands

  • Steel & Aluminium Wire Armoured Cables
  • Braid & Tape Armoured Cables
  • Steel & Aluminium Wire Armoured Cables with a Metallic Tape Screen
  • Insulated Industrial Cable Gland
  • 11kV 33kV Medium Voltage Power Cables – Single & 3 Core
  • CMP Cable Gland ranges: B324, B348, B367, B368, B327, B350, B323, B347

➡ See CMP Cable Glands for the complete range of cable terminations suitable for all types of LV, MV & HV power, control and instrumentation cables installed in hazardous areas, explosive atmospheres and medium/high voltage cable systems – this includes armoured/braided or unarmoured cables with lead sheaths, copper tape screens (11kV-33kV) and ATEX certified for Zone 1 & Zone 2.

Insulated Cable Glands

CMP Cable Glands


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