Cembre KY-PPL Reinforced PA 6.6 Insulated Hooked Blade Terminals


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KY Range Reinforced hooked blade Terminals

Cembre ‘KY’ type terminals are designed to offer improved mechanical and electrical integrity under heavy-duty LV cable termination applications using ring terminals. This is achieved via a copper sleeve located between the copper barrel and polyamide insulation of the cable terminal. Then during crimping cables the insulation of the conductor is integrated into the crimp due to the copper sleeve being deformed around it by the crimping tool to maintain the level of ‘grip’ required in applications subject to continuous mechanical vibrations (e.g: mobile plant, vehicles, moving components). “KY” type terminals are manufactured from electrolytic copper Cu-ETP CWOO4A according to UNI EN 13599 and are tin plated to a minimum thickness of 3µm.

Cembre Hooked Blade Terminals

Cembre Hooked Blade Terminals

➡ The following table enables the selection of the correct insulated hooked blade terminal – visit Cembre lugs to view the complete range of LV MV HV cable connectors to joint and terminate cables with copper or aluminium conductors. Cembre brand electrical connectors, splices and cable lugs are approved and compatible with leading cable accessory manufacturers in both cold shrink and heat shrink technology for use in their cable jointing and termination kits.

Conductor Size sqmm (AWG) Insulated Cover Colour Cembre Type Dimensions mm
Crimps Quantity Box/Bag
0.25÷1.5 (22÷16) RED RKY-PPL 30 4.5 3.0 16.8 28.2 2.1 3000/100
RKY-PPL 46 4.5 4.6 16.8 28.2 2.1 3000/100
1.5÷2.5 (16÷14) BLUE BKY-PPL 30 5.2 3.0 16.8 28.2 2.1 2500/100
BKY-PPL 46 5.2 2.2 16.8 28.2 2.1 2500/100
4÷6 (12÷10) YELLOW GKY-PPL 46 7.0 4.6 17.2 30.2 2.4 1000/100

Main characteristics of the Cembre PA 6.6 sleeve:

  • Dielectric Strength (kV/mm) : >16,5
  • Volume Resistivity (Ω/cm) : >1013
  • Max Operating Temperature (°C) : 105
  • Flammability (UL-94) : V-2
  • Density (g/cm3) : 1,14
  • Water Absorption (%) : 1,5
  • Breaking Load (N/mm2) : 77

“KY” type cable terminals manufactured by Cembre can be stored at a minimum temperature not below – 40°C.

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