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Cable Cutting Tools

➡ View the complete range of Cembre Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tools – the Cembre hydraulic range of cable cutting tools are designed for the cutting of LV, MV and HV power cables, control and instrumentation with steel wire armour, braid or unarmoured.

Compatible with XLPE, EPR, PILC type cables and subsea umbilicals.

Hydraulic cutting tools achieve a smooth, straight cable cut including armoured and lead sheathed cables without damaging or deforming the copper or aluminium conductor prior to jointing or terminating cables.

Cembre hydraulic cable crimping tools are also available to suit all applications.

Thorne & Derrick can provide expert tool recommendations to ensure customer selection of the most suitable hydraulic cutting tool for the cable application – contact us to discuss your cable cutting requirements.

T&D have been Official Distributors for Cembre since 1985 – full range of hydraulic cutting tools are available for delivery to UK and international destinations from stock; battery operated cable cutters also available for up to 95mm outside diameter cables.

Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tools Selection Table

The following table enables the selection of hydraulic cutting tools for underground power cables and overhead lines/conductors from the Cembre tools range:

Cutting Tool Features  HT-TC051  HT-TC0851 HT-TC065 HT-TC026Y HT-TC041N  HT-TC051Y HT-TC055 
Length 497mm 625.5mm 523mm 394.5mm 550mm 503mm 595mm
Width 129mm 175mm 129mm 129mm 144mm 129mm 144mm
Weight 4.38kg 6.6kg 5kg 3.35kg 5.8kg 4.7kg 8.3kg
Type of Action  Cutting Cutting Cutting Cutting Cutting Cutting Cutting
Maximum Cable Cutting Diameter 50mm 85mm 65mm 25mm 45mm 50mm 55mm
Nominal Pressure 700 bar 700 bar

Hydraulic Cutting Tools For Underground Power Cables & Overhead Line Conductors

The following figure shows the component parts and features common to hydraulic cutting tools – pictured below is Cembre HT-TC051 model.

  • 03. Main Handle
  • 12. Cutting Tool Body
  • 13. Cutting Tool Head
  • 18. Lower Cutting Blade
  • 19. Upper Cutting Blade Pin
  • 23. Upper Cutting Blade
  • 28. Latch
  • 44. Moveable Handle
  • 58. Pressure Release Lever

Cable Cutting Tools

The cutting tools feature an advancing speed setting automatically switching from a fast advancing speed of cable cutting blades to a slower cutting speed – tools are provided with a maximum pressure valve (MPC1 manometer is available upon request to check the proper setting of the valve).

Cutting Cables Carefully
  • Always read the instruction manual before using the tool
  • Keep hands clear of cutting blades at all times
  • Do not cut steel – for steel cutting applications contact us
  • Always wear safety glasses and gloves when operating this tool
  • Before starting cutting cables ensure that the latch is fully secured – partial closure may damage the cutting tool head
  • Clean the tool daily after use with a clean cloth to remove any residue including dust, sand or dirt
  • Do not attempt to turn the tool head if the hydraulic circuit is pressurised
Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tools

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