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Heatshrink Cable Joints


Shrink Polymer Systems heatshrink cable joints and terminations suit all types of MV-HV electrical cables (single or multi-core) with or without armour or lead sheaths – zero halogen and fire resistant cable joints are also available.

Medium/high voltage customised special cable joints for XLPE, PILC and EPR cables up to 33kV can be kitted from stock and delivered immediately to UK and international destinations to restore HV power to unplanned outages caused by cable strikes – HV joints are available as straight, branch, transition or pot-end cables.

A complete range of heat shrink cable terminations are available from stock to suit polymeric and paper insulated cables up to 33kV to enable MV-HV connections into air insulated switchgear and dry type termination of screened cables into cable boxes.

Shrink Polymer Systems manufacture cable joints, terminations, earthing and glanding solutions covering low voltage cables up to 3.3kV and medium voltage cables up to 33kV – to ensure correct installation of all tubing, joints and terminations the appropriate heat shrink jointer gas torch should be used.

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Cable Terminations

Using heat shrink tubings and moulded parts to provide anti-tracking, stress-controlled, sealing and protection of MV-HV cables located in indoor switchgear, transformers or substations and pole-top mounted outdoor installations to overhead line networks.

After installing heat shrink cable terminations in cold weather conditions and should the Jointer need to manoeuvre the phases it is advisable to apply heat to the shrink tubes on the cores one last and final time. When adjusting the phases it is possible for the heat shrink material to slightly lift away (more so when cold) so just apply some additional heat using a heat shrink gas torch to ensure that all components and tubings are shrunken back into place.

Heat Shrink

  • 3.3kV Joints & Terminations
  • 11kV 33kV Joints
  • 11kV 33kV Terminations
  • 11kV-33kV Straight, Transition, Pot-End Jointing & Cable Abandonment
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen & Fire Resistant Cable Joints

Low Voltage Cable Joints

Heat shrink cable joints for low voltage power cables and pilot cables can be tailored and customised to restore power in cable strike and cable fault conditions.

Where unplanned cable joints need to be installed in response to an accidental cable strike it is preferable that re-energisation costs are absolutely minimised. The major civil engineering costs of LV power restoration relate to excavation works i.e digging the cable joint hole and re-instating the cable trench. The relative cost of the heat shrink cable joint is very small. But if low voltage heat shrink cable joints are designed with size in mind the consequences for overall installed costs can be dramatic.

For instance, heat shrink cable joint lengths can be reduced from 750mm to 500mm simply by staggering the compression connectors – this reduces the cost of the joint bay. Compact cable joints are quicker to install by the cable jointer – this reduces labour costs.

Smaller more compact cable joints means smaller joint holes means reduced cost. Time is money in any industry, the quicker the cable damage is restored and cable jointed then the lower the cost to the client.

Cable Joints Using Heat Shrink Tubes 600V 1000V Low Voltage Cables

Cable Joints Using Heat Shrink Tubes 600V 1000V Low Voltage Cables


Thorne & Derrick provide competitive prices and fast delivery from stock for the complete range of Shrink Polymer Systems heat shrink cable joints and terminations.


11kV Transformers

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View the complete range of Heat Shrink Joints & Terminations for 11kV-33kV cables and use on medium/high voltage cable networks, switchgear, substations and overhead line distribution networks  ➡