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Webster Wilkinson Plug In Bushings

Webster-Wilkinson Plug In Bushings

Plug-In Bushings

Webster-Wilkinson produce plug-in bushings in accordance with the requirements of EN 50180 standards.

Plug-in bushings are normally used in an oil/air arrangement, by their definition this range of bushings is designed to allow off-load disconnection of cables allowing the quicker replacement of transformers or switchgear.



The Webster-Wilkinson range covers:

Model Overall Height Thread OIl Side Contact Type Air Side
12kV/24kV 250A
WWPI 24/250 224 M10 Sliding
WWPI 24/250R 189
WWPI 24/250L 284
36kV 250A
WWPI 36/250 240 M10 Sliding
36kV 400A
WWPI 36/400 330 M16 Sliding
36kV 630A
WWPI 36/630 332 M16 M16


Switchgear & Transformer Bushings

Contact us for complete range of Indoor & Outdoor Transformer Bushings manufactured in accordance with IEC 60137 and product standards including EN50386 and EN50180. A standard range of porcelain bushings are offered according to EN50336 (historically BS2562 & BS6435) for use up to 36kV 4000A.

Cable box bushings are designed for use indoors but can be used in several insulating mediums typically oil/compound (fully insulated), oil /air (partially insulated) and air/air (partially insulated).

  • BS EN 50386 Bushings up to 1kV and from 250A to 5kA for liquid filled transformers
  • BS EN50180 Bushings above 1kV up to 52kV and from 250A to 3,15 kA for liquid filled transformers
  • BS EN50336 Bushings for transformers and reactor cable boxes not exceeding 33kV/36kV

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