Fibre Optic Cable Stripper (Line) – Ripley Miller FO 103-S

Fibre Optic Cable Stripper (Line) - Ripley Miller FO 103-S

Fibre Optic Cable Stripping Tool

Ripley miller FO 103-S

FO 103-S is a fibre optic cable stripper manufactured by Ripley Miller for stripping fibre optic cable. A singular precision diameter hole and V-opening in the blade allow for the accurate removal of 250 micron buffer coating from125 micron optical fibre.

The FO 103-S tool can be used for the stripping of 1.6 mm to 3 mm fibre cable jackets without nicking or scratching the bare fibre. It’s pivot pin, spring and precision handles with printed stripping references, enhance both the durability and functionality of this cable stripper.

Ripley Miller Cable Stripping Tools

FO 103-S RangeMiller - Cable Tools

Specification & Features

  • Pivot pin, spring and precision handles enhance tool functionality and durability
  • Factory set, requires no adjustment
  • Prevents scratching or nicking of optical fibre
  • All cutting surfaces are precision formed, hardened, tempered and ground assuring precise buffer removal
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Length: 5.375 in (136.53 mm)
  • Weight: 2.5 oz (71 g)

➡ T&D distribute a complete range of Cable Jointing Tools for the Fibre Optics, Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunications industries – Miller is a brand of Ripley for wire and cable preparation tools for power, transmission and distribution.

Cable Stripper Model Order Code Nominal Tool Hole Diameter FO 103-S Model Type
FO 103-S 80355 For stripping 250 µm buffer coating from 125 µm optical fibre Standard Tool
FO 103-S-100 80355-1 114 µm (0.0045″) Custom Tools
FO 103-S-140 80355-15 140 µm (0.0055″)
FO 103-S-150 80355-2 150 µm (0.0060″)
FO 103-S-162 80355-3 162 µm (0.0066″)
FO 103-S-175 80355-4 175 µm (0.0070)
FO 103-S-187.5 80355-5 187.5 µm (0.0075″)
FO 103-S-200 80355-10 200 µm (0.0080″)
FO 103-S-225 80355-12 225 µm (0.0090″)
FO 103-S-250 80355-6 250 µm (0.0100″)
FO 103-S-280 80355-7 280 µm (0.0110″)
FO 103-S-300 80355-8 300 µm (0.0120″)
FO 103-S-400 80355-16 400 µm (0.0160″)
FO 103-S-525 80355-9 525 µm (0.0210″)
FO 103-S-880 80355-17 880 µm (0.0350″)
FO 103-S-1140 80355-18 1140 µm (0.0450″)

RIPLEY FO 103-S Operation instructions

Ripley Miller FO 103-S

Step 1. (Fig 1) Insert fibre into the opening of the tool

Step 2. (Fig 2) Close the tool squarely around the fibre

Step 3. (Fig. 3) Draw the tool along the fibre using thumb pressure while keeping the tool perpendicular to the fibre

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