Nexans Euromold Screened Separable Connectors | Approval for Supply Within SSE’s Networks Business

Published 25 Sep 2019

Press Release 25th September 2019

by Thorne & Derrick International

Chris Dodds – Sales & Marketing Manager

Thorne & Derrick, the Specialist Distributor of LV MV HV Jointing, Earthing, Substation & Electrical Eqpt and Official Distributor for Nexans Power Accessories are pleased to confirm their market leading Euromold brand of Screened Separable Connectors now hold the Approval for supply within SSE’s networks business.

SSE plc is involved in the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity – with responsibility for 130,000 kilometres of overhead lines and underground cables plus 106,000 substations. The selection of Nexans Euromold cable connection products confirms their unrivalled reliability and performance track record for supporting the distribution of medium voltage electricity.

33kV Outer Cone Terminations

TG-NET-CAB-411 Review Date: November 2024 

Extracted from SSE Joints and Accessories Catalogue for Cable Systems up to and including 33kV.

The Outer Cone Terminations that are Technically Approved are available in 2 types: C Type Interface and E Type Interface.

The Cable Termination Guide for Distribution Plant up to 33kV; TG-NET-CAB-425 will detail the type of Outer Cone terminations required for 33kV Switchgear and Ground Mounted Transformers.

33kV Outer Cone Terminations – C Type
SSEN Stock Number Description of Item Manufacturer Reference
Class 1 = 630A – Set of 3
022370 95 – 240 mm² Interface C Tee Connector 3X(M480TB/G-27-95.240-14.5 CW)
990042 300 mm² Interface C Tee Connector 3X(M480TB/G-30-120.300-14.5 CW)
Class 2 = 1250A – Set of 3
990043 400 – 500 mm² Interface C Tee Connector 3X(M484TB/G-37-400.630-14.5 CW)
990044 630mm² Interface C Tee Connector 3X(M484TB/G-43-400.630-14.5 CW)
990120 Test Rod Kit for C-Type Tee-Boot Separable Connectors (Set of 3) 800TR


33kV Outer Cone Terminations – E Type
SSEN Stock Number Description of Item Manufacturer Reference
1250A – Set of 3
022012 95 – 240 mm² Interface E Tee Connector 3X(M784TB/G-27-95.240-14.5 CW)
022201 300 mm² Interface E Tee Connector 3X(M784TB/G-32-120.300-14.5 CW)
022204 400 – 500 mm² Interface E Tee Connector
3X(M784TB/G-37-400.630-14.5 CW)
022141 630mm² Interface E Tee Connector 3X(M784TB/G-43-400.630-14.5 CW)
022041 33kV Dead End Plug 750BIP


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