Jointer Training Courses – 11kV 33kV 66kV Medium & High Voltage Jointer Competency Training

Published 31 Oct 2018


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Cable Jointer Training

Jointer Training Courses

11kV 33kV 66kV Medium & High Voltage Jointer Competency Training

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Requirements, Expectations & Rewards

Thorne & Derrick, the Distribution Partners of Nexans Power Accessories, have united to provide an industry commitment to ensuring the safe and reliable installation of MV-HV Cable Accessories – a series of 10 Jointer Training Modules are now available to support the training requirements for Cable Jointers upskilling from LV to MV to HV with tailored courses at 11kV, 33kV and 66kV voltage levels.

Nexans Power Accessories are proud to announce the opening of their new UK Jointer Training & Testing Facility together with a state of the art test laboratory.

Nexans Power Accessories are fully committed to raising the standards throughout the UK for cable accessory installation including cable joints, terminations and connectors for medium/high voltage cables.

The new jointer training courses are specifically tailored to enable upskilling of cable jointers from LV to MV 11kV, 33kV and 66kV.

The Jointer Training courses cover various cable constructions, cable preparation plus the installation of heat shrink/cold shrink push on cable terminations, separable connectors and cable joints.

The jointer training courses will also explain about electric stress and the methods of dealing with it. What happens if products are not installed correctly, along with how the MV-HV products are made and how they should be handled.

Get Nexans Competent Not Familiar

These Jointer Training Courses are not introductory “Familiarisation” courses – each prospective candidate will be vetted prior to acceptance onto the course. If suitably qualified and experienced the candidate will be accepted onto the course – they will be required to undertake MV cable preparation and submit a test piece of cable terminated one end with a push on/slip on type termination and the other end with a separable connector. The submission will then be tested for AC withstand and partial discharge (PD) in the new “state-of-the-art” Nexans Test Laboratory.


Upon the successful completion of the Laboratory Test the candidate will be presented with a 3 Part Competency Certificate – comprising of a signed certificate, photo card and test report issued by a global cable manufacturer the Jointer Certification will be recognised and welcomed by all developers, network operators and clients.

11kV 33kV 66kV Medium & High Voltage Jointer Competency Training

11kV 33kV 66kV Medium & High Voltage Jointer Competency Training

A series of cable jointer training modules are available to support a range of MV-HV training requirements covering cable jointers upskilling from LV upwards.

The new Nexans test lab centre is fully equipped with work benches and individual work stations complete with screened bushings and cable cleats, in order to replicate a realistic installation environment.

Nexans jOINTER Training

Competency Course Modules

Course Duration DAY
Voltage 33kV 36kV 11kV or 33/36kV 66kV Each individually course can be designed
to meet the specific requirements of our clients
Course Type Competency
Course – No cable preparation
will be provided
Full Cable
Entry Requirements If suitably qualified and
experienced the
candidate will be
accepted onto the
Depending on previous
If suitably qualified and
experienced the
candidate will be
accepted onto the
Please get in touch with any particular training


Please Note: Modules cover Terminations, Joints & Separable Connectors. Products installed by attendees are tested for AC withstand and partial discharge. Depending on the results of these a certificate will be awarded.

An EndorsementJointers

Garry Hardaker recently successfully achieved 33kV Jointer Competency & Certification according to Nexan’s Module 2 Medium Voltage Termination & Separable Connectors Training Course – Garry has a proven track record of delivering high-quality services specialising in delivering full wind turbine installations, servicing, and maintenance, in both onshore and offshore locations. Garys kindly provides the following customer experience comments.

“Having accumulated several years experience carrying out onshore cable terminations at 11kV/33kV into switchrooms and transformers I applied for and following careful vetting by Nexans was accepted onto their Jointer Training Course – the Training Managers at Nexans demonstrated exceptional knowledge and experience providing clear answers to all questions regarding practical and theoretical queries during the jointer training course. Previous courses have over-promised and under-delivered and prospective attendees should consider with care their choice of training provider. I would not hesitate to recommend Nexans as a provider of 11/33/66kV Jointer Training – contact Thorne & Derrick for further information about course content, duration and availability”.

66KV jointer Training

66kV Cable Jointer Training – A Question Of Competency Not Familiarisation

Two Times More Power. Jointers! Empower your CV and skill-set by grasping the 66kV Jointer Training opportunity. Jointers must currently be 33kV Competent and experienced to be ready to undertake the step-up to 66kV from 33kV.

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The Jointer Training Course is carried out at:Nexans map

Nexans Training Centre
Units 1 & 2 Good Hope Close,
Normanton Industrial Estate, Normanton,
West Yorkshire,

11kV 33kV 66kV Jointer Training


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