PRICE LIST | 33kV Cable Joints (XLPE CWS Single Core Cables)

Published 30 Mar 2020

PRICE LIST | 33kV Cable Joints (XLPE CWS Single Core Cables)

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Thorne & Derrick have an International Distribution Agreement with Nexans Power Accessories UK and are their main stockists and suppliers for their range of Heat Shrink Joints & Terminations up to 33kV.

Due to the following Key Points the Nexans brand of Heat Shrink Cable Joints are increasingly preferred and adopted by the renewable energy, rail, power utilities and construction industry.

Key Points
  • Manufactured by Nexans – “Global Expert in Cables & Cable Systems”
  • Tested – International Standard IEC60502-4
  • High Quality Heat Shrink Tubes & Components
  • No Jointer Retraining Required – Clear Jointing Instructions
  • Distributed By T&D –  Technical Support, Fast Quote & Next-Day Delivery

The Nexans Training centre provides jointer training courses that are specifically tailored to enable upskilling of cable jointers from LV to MV 11kV, 33kV and 66kV.

The Jointer Training courses cover various cable constructions, cable preparation plus the installation of heat shrink / cold shrink push on cable terminations, separable connectors and cable joints.

33kV Cable Joint Kits

  • All 33kV joints are heat shrink type, single phase and include mechanical shearbolt connector
  • JOINTS 33KV Jointing Instruction
50-95sqmm Single Core Straight Joints XLPE CWS 36GTS1.95w £59.65
95-240sqmm Single Core Straight Joints XLPE CWS 36GTS1.240w £73.92
185-400sqmm Single Core Straight Joints XLPE CWS 36GTS1.400W £133.00
400-630sqmm Single Core Straight Joints XLPE CWS 36GTS1.630W £208.60
800-1200sqmm Single Core Straight Joints XLPE CWS 36GTS1.1200W £259.88

11Kv Triplex Cable Termination & Joint Kits

95sqmm Joint 11kV 17JTS1.95W £68.75
185sqmm Joint 11kV 17JTS1.240W £75.00
300sqmm Joint 11kV 17JTS1.400W £100.00
95sqmm Termination 11kV 3x12MONIi1.95 £164.92
185sqmm Termination 11kV 3x12MONIi1.240 £173.32
300sqmm Termination 11kV 3x12MONi1.400 £191.20


  • All 11kV joints are heat shrink type, single phase and include mechanical shearbolt connectorCable Lugs - Brass
  • All 11kV terminations are heat shrink type, 3 phase and include universal cold-applied boots (FB1), “top-hat” Triplex gland (HSGK2), brass wire screen earth lugs and mechanical shearbolt connectors
  • Also available – Cold Applied Slip On Joints & Terminations | Euromold Connectors (Screened Separable Connectors)

    Cable Terminations

    Cable Terminations & Joints

Nexans MONOi heat shrink cable terminations are a one-piece co-extruded anti-track (red) and stress control tube for connection and terminating 11kV BS7870-4-10 Triplex Cables 95-300sqmm into medium voltage electrical equipment.

Easy, quick to install without requirement to retrain Jointers.

Specification & Installation Instructions For Jointers


JOINTS TRIPLEX JTS1 W Jointing Instruction

♦ Joints & Termination Suit Cable Specification: 11KV Triplex Cable – available in sizes 95sqmm – 300sqmm. Stranded/solid aluminium conductor, XLPE insulation, copper wire screen (35sqmm). MDPE outer sheath. Colour Red. 6350/11000 volts grade to BS7870-4.10. The cable consists of 3 single core high voltage cables in Triplex formation.

Heat Shrink Cable Termination & Joint Kits - 11kV BS7870-4-10 Triplex Cables

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