LV MV HV 11kV-33kV Mechanical Shearbolt Cable Lugs

Mechanical Shearbolt Cable Lugs LV MV HV 11kV-33kV

Sicon – Mechanical Shearbolt Cable Lugs LV MV HV 11kV-33kV 66kV

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Pfisterer Sicon

Pfisterer Sicon Mechanical Shearbolt Cable Lugs are suitable for the termination of all LV, MV and HV cables from 11kV – 33kV up to 66kV.

Pfisterer’s shearbolt cable lugs have a step-less design feature which allows for the maximum conductor clamping force to be achieved, even with Class 5 fine stranded conductors.

Pfisterer shearbolt cable lugs are suitable for both solid and stranded aluminium, copper conductors or mineral insulated solid copper cables (MICC) and are internally grooved to aid electrical connection and protect against conductor oxidisation.

Pfisterer’s Sicon mechanical shearbolt cable lugs are compact with rounded edges, ensuring all types of coldshrink and heatshrink products can be used and smooth breakage of the shear bolt simplifies the tightening process.

Pfisterer’s Sicon mechanical shearbolt cable lugs are compact with rounded edges, ensuring all types of coldshrink and heatshrink joints/terminations can be used and smooth breakage of the shear bolt simplifies the connector tightening process for the cable jointer.

Additionally the shear bolt breaks off flush with the terminal body, avoiding the need for port hole filling and the blocked design provides an oil or water barrier.

Network Rail approved for use on the UK rail network – see PADS numbers below.

Sicon Bolted Lugs for Low & High Voltage Cable Terminations

The Sicon range of cable connectors, manufactured by Pfisterer, can be used independently of the conductor material, type, voltage level and current for use LV (Low), MV (Medium) and HV (High) Voltage power systems – due to the special design of the bolt, optimal contact force is always achieved by the jointer. The patented Sicon bolt was developed without predetermined shear-off points, therefore the full load capacity of the thread is always used, thus ensuring perfect contact pressure. A friction disc on the tip of the bolt ensures that the conductor strands are not damaged. The bolt shears off smoothly when it is tightened – the remains stay in the tool and can be safely disposed of. The bolt always shears off at the top edge of the connector body eliminating sharp protrusions. All edges of the connector body are rounded. Sicon connectors are electrically/mechanically type-tested in accordance with IEC 61238-1 class A.

Sicon Lugs


Mechanical Shearbolt Cable Lugs LV MV HV 11kV 33kV

Pfisterer sicon selection table

Pfisterer Sicon Order ReferenceSolid Circular sqmmStranded Circular sqmmSolid Sector sqmmStranded Sector sqmmCompacted Circular sqmmStud HoleHexagon SizeNumber of BoltsOverall LengthBarrel DiameterInternal BoreNetwork Rail PADS Number

Pfisterer sicon cable lugs – Installation

  • Strip the high voltage cable insulation for the distance specified in the cable jointing procedure.
  • With HV copper cable conductors, it may be necessary to wrap them with brass gauze.
  • With HV solid shaped aluminium conductors, it may be necessary to straighten or twist the core using special cable core twisting tools before inserting them into the Sicon connector. When tightening/shearing the bolts the HV connector can be held with an insulated holding tool.
  • To prevent HV cable core bending and damage to the insulation whilst shearing the bolts, always hold the body of the Sicon connector with a grip device before shearing the bolts.
  • On completion of the Sicon connector installation, recover all the sheared off bolt heads and count them to check that the number of heads recovered is the same as the number of bolts fitted. This ensures that the cable jointer has not trapped bolt heads, for example inside the insulation tubes. Check that all bolts have sheared correctly, at or just below the surface of the connector.

IEC 60228 Cable Core Conductor Specification

According to IEC 60228 conductors of MV HV insulated cables are subdivided into 4 classes.

These conductors include solid and stranded copper, aluminium and aluminium alloy conductors in cables for fixed installations and flexible copper conductors for connection of cable to high voltage electrical equipment for transformers, generators and switchgear.

  • Class 1: Solid conductor, the core is formed by one single wire with a diameter up to 6 or 10sqmm (also denoted by the letter U)
  • Class 2: Stranded conductor intended for fixed installation: for cable cores with a diameter over 6 or 10sqmm, the core is usually formed by a plurality of thin wires (also referred to by the letter R)
  • Class 5: Flexible conductor: the cable core is formed by a large number of thin wires
  • Class 6: Very flexible conductor

Rail Cable Connectors

LV MV HV CablesNetwork Rail Approved Cable Lugs

Pfisterer Sicon connectors can be used to cable joint or terminate sector shaped aluminium cores on 650V signalling power supply cables without resort to pre-rounding conductors (D shaped) into a circular core prior to crimping using die sets and cable crimping tools.

Mechanical cable connectors can also be used for rail track feeder cables (trackfeeder cable) used to distribute 650/750V DC power supply from traction substations and track paralleling huts to conductor rails – manufactured to standard NR/PS/ELP/21101.

Medium and high voltage 19/33kV and 25/44kV rail power cables to Network Rail specification NR/PS/ELP/00008 can also be jointed and terminated using heat shrink/cold shrink kits which are compatible with Pfisterer mechanical cable connectors.

Trackside Signalling Aluminium Power Cables BR880

Pictured: Trackside Signalling Aluminium Power Cables BR880

Also Pfisterer Mechanical Cable Connectors

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Pfisterer CONNEX

Distributed and Stocked by T&D – Pfisterer CONNEX inner cone plugs for MV-HV cable termination 11kV | 33kV 66kV | MV | HV

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