11kV Cable Gland XLPE SWA 3 Core HSGK2

11kV Cable Gland XLPE SWA 3 Core HSGK2

Cable Glands

SWA Cable Glands – Bolt-on “Top Hat” Design

Nexans HSGK2 is a cable gland kit for use with steel wire armoured (SWA) cables when using heat shrink terminations to connect MV-HV cables into air insulated cable boxes.

HSGK2 “top-hat” design cable glands are manufactured from galvanised steel and suitable for indoor or outdoor use on switchgear or transformer cable boxes with all types SWA cables up to 33/36kV with under armour diameters up to 94mm.

The cable armour wires are effectively earthed around the circumference of the cable gland with an integral earth facility provided on the mounting flange to allow connection to the building system earth.

Nexans HSGK2 cable glands are suitable for three-core MV-HV power cables and supplied with a sealant lined heatshrink shroud to provide a barrier to moisture ingress and are made to comply with stud spacings to BS2562 – insulated cable glands also available for medium/high voltage power systems.

Each Nexans cable gland kit includes metal gland body, heat-shrinkable sleeve, armour clamps, copper braid and mastic tapes and is suitable for a range of conductor cross-sectional areas depending on the cable’s maximum voltage rating – please see the datasheet attached.

BS 2562:1979 is the current British Standard covering the specification for cable boxes for MV-HV transformers and reactors.

  • Nexans Part Number – HSGK2 Cable Gland
  • Cable Cross Section – 3-core cables with an under armour diameter of up to 94mm
  • 3 Core SWA Cable Gland Kit

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