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Published 12 Feb 2019


cmp Cable Cleats

CMP have developed a new quad cable cleats range that have been designed, constructed, tested and third party certified in accordance with IEC 61914:2015.

Cable cleats within the quad range manufactured by CMP are designed for a variety of industries including the data centre, energy, utility and rail market where high performance and a compact design of cable cleat is critical for the retention of cables in quadrafoil formation in the event of a short circuit fault situation.

‘Saturn’ quad cable cleats are designed to safely restrain single cables in quad (or quadrafoil) formation without sustaining damage to the cables or cable management system in the event of short circuit fault conditions.

Single Cables In Quad Formation

Single Cables In Quad Formation

For quadruplex cable, CMP has developed the QPSS cable cleat, with an integrated C-Clamp and bolt, which provides installers with versatility of installation.

The QPSS type of cable cleat has a high short circuit rating of 135kA and can be installed in a range of applications where quadruplex cable is utilised, including data centres.

CMP Cable Cleats

Combined Quadruplex Cables | CMP Cable Cleats

For further information on CMP Saturn QSDSS and the CMP Quadplex QPSS Metal Cable Cleats please click the links.

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