Quad Cable Cleats – Ellis Patents Vulcan+ Quadrafoil Cleats

Quad Cleats

Quad Cleats

Quad Cleats

  • Manufactured By Ellis Patents
  • Vulcan Cable Cleats
  • Maximum Short Circuit Test Level 104/132kA
  • Cable Cleat Spacing – 600/300mm
  • Cable Cleat Type – Single Cables
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Cleat Range Single Cables – 23-70mm

 ➡ Pictured: Quadrofoil Cable Cleats – Ellis Patents Vulcan Quad

Quadrofoil Cable Cleats – Ellis Patents Vulcan Quad

Quadrafoil is a cable installation method for single-core cables where the neutral is bundled with the 3 phase conductors – no advice is referenced in BS7671 but a report producted by ERA for Ellis Patents delivered the following guidelines:

  • Current ratings given in BS7671 for cables in touching trefoil cleat formation are appropriate for cables in quad bundles
  • Derating factors given in BS7671 for cables in touching trefoil cleat formation are appropriate for cables in quad bundles
  • Voltage drops for circuits in quad formation should be calculated using values tabulated in BS7671 for cables in flat touching formation
  • When considering multiple cables per phase, the advice given in Guidance Note No.6 for trefoil groups is applicable to quad bundles
  • The induced voltage in the neutral conductor of a quad group is minimal and can be ignored

Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, stock and distribute the complete range of cable cleats and cable hangers manufactured by Ellis Patents including the Vulcan+ Quad range for short circuit retention and cable protection of LV (Low Voltage), MV (Medium Voltage) and HV (High Voltage) power cable systems in single-way installation.

Ellis Patents Vulcan+ Quad Cable Cleats are stainless steel quadrafoil cable cleats for cable diameters ranging from 23-70mm for cable applications where the highest level of short circuit to withstand is moderate.

Vulcan Quad cable cleats are compact in design for easy installation when space is limited and offer the ultimate protection against the harshest environmental conditions.

The cable cleat comes with an integral Low Smoke and Fume Zero Halogen Polymeric liner and base pad offering the cables protection during short-circuit conditions.

International Standard IEC 61914:2015

Ellis Patent cable cleats with international specifications are used to clamp and retain LV MV HV cables including 11kV and 33kV networks depending on short-circuit calculations according to IEC61914 calculations.

For cable installations where corrosion protection is required, including onshore and offshore substations or hazardous area locations, see our complete range of  ➡ stainless steel cable cleats.

Quad Cleats

➡ Here H07-RNF Rubber Flexible Mains Cables are shown cleated to cable ladder to provide short circuit restraint for a Low Voltage Power Switchboard & Generator System using quadrafoil cable cleats.


Maximum Short Circuit Test Level Cleat Spacing

  • 104kA 600mm Cleat Spacing
  • 132kA 300mm Cleat Spacing


QuadrAfoil Cable Application Selection Table

➡ The following selection table provides information to enable the specification or purchase of the correct cable cleat – contact Thorne & Derrick for further technical information, installation advice, samples or to place an order

Vulcan Quad Cable Cleat Part Number Quad Cable Range Cable Cleats Dimensions Weight (g)
Min Dia (mm) Max Dia (mm) W (Max) (mm) H (Max) (mm) D (mm) P (mm) Base Holes
Ellis VRQ+01 23 25 68 110 54 n/a 1 x M10 284
 Ellis VRQ+02 26 27 70 113 54 n/a 1 x M10 286
Ellis VRQ+03 28 31 78 128 54 n/a 1 x M10 318
Ellis VRQ+03A 31 35 90 138 54 n/a 1 x M10 350
Ellis VRQ+04 35 42 109 148 54 n/a 1 x M10 378
Ellis VRQ+05 43 47 120 165 54 n/a 1 x M10 452
Ellis VRQ+06 48 50 121 170 54 n/a 1 x M10 467
Ellis VRQ+07 51 57 140 190 54 50 1 x M10 486
Ellis VRQ+08 58 63 150 200 54 50 1 x M10 499
Ellis VRQ+09 64 70 170 218 54 75 1 x M10 581


Quadrofoil Cable Cleats – Ellis Patents Vulcan Quad

Ellis Patents Vulcan Quad – Dimensions

Installing Ellis Patents Vulcan Quad Cable Cleats

Ellis Patents recommend fixing VRQ+ using one 10mm bolt for sizes 01 to 06, and one or two 10mm bolts for sizes 07 to 09.

Cable Cleats

Cable Cleats – Dimensions

Ellis Patents Cable Cleats

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Cable Cleats v Cable Ties

The Video produced by Ellis Patents provides compelling evidence of the need to ensure all cables are adequately supported and retained to cable containment to protect against the devastating effects of short circuit faults: 118kA Short Circuit Fault Current | 0.1 Seconds Duration | 480V Low Voltage Cables. 

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