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Cable Jointing Tools To Remove Cable Outer Sheath

Cable Jointing Tools To Remove Cable Outer Sheath | Largest UK & EU Stocks

Sheath Stripping Pliers

Alroc cable tools are used by LV MV HV cable jointers to remove cable sheath and jackets to provide excellent cable preparation prior to the installation of joints, terminations or connectors using cold shrink, heat shrink or push-on type technology.

Alroc tools strip or remove outer cable sheath, semi-con screen and cable insulation from low-medium-high voltage cables: this includes stripping cable sheath jackets from armoured and unarmoured power cables.

The Alroc PG range of cable sheath and jacket strippers are compatible with: XLPE, PE, PVC, LLPE, PUR and rubber type sheathed cable jackets: the PG pliers deliver a circular and longitudinal cut in order to remove cable outer sheath.

Alroc Cable Stripping Pliers PG Tools

Alroc Cable Stripping Pliers PG3

How To Remove or Strip LV MV HV Cable Sheath

PG cable stripping pliers are a part of the Cable & Jointing Preparation Tool range manufactured by Alroc – the cable jacket or sheath stripping pliers are used by cable jointers to efficiently remove the PE, PVC, PR or rubber sheath from LV, MV and HV cables.

Cable stripping is achieved by initially making two radial cuts into the cable sheath at the extremities of where the LV HV cable is to be stripped and prepared. Four circular cutting blades with pre-determined cable cutting depths mean the jointers tool only needs to be rotated through 90° to complete a full radial cut. Secondly, a longitudinal cut is made into the cable using the roller as a guide and a single circular blade, again with set cut depth, from the one radial cut to the other. Thirdly, the cable sheath can then be peeled off using the tooth blade on the end of the cable stripping pliers.

The stripping pliers are available in a range of sizes to suit the cable diameter. Various combinations of cable cutting blades are available to suit various sheath thicknesses and should be correctly selected from the drop down option boxes below before ordering – refer to the information in the tables below.

The radial cut depth should be 0.2 – 0.5 mm less than the nominal jacket wall thickness.

Selection Table for Cable Sheath & Jacket Stripping Tools 

Alroc Tool TypeCable Sheath Stripping DiametersTool WeightCable Tool Dimensions
PG221-35 mm500g265 x 92 x 80 mm
PG326-52 mm600g265 x 92 x 80 mm
PG447-75 mm840g300 x 109 x 104 mm
PG569-95 mm2 kg360 x 140 x 160 mm
PG690-125 mm3 kg515 x 195 x 200 mm
PG7120 – 170 mm3 kg515 x 195 x 200 mm


➡ The following tables enable the selection of the appropriate sheath stripping pliers according to the required circular and longitudinal sheath cut requirements. For example:

Alroc PG3HTA/yyzz Sheath Stripping Pliers

  • yy = Circular Cutting Depth 25 = 2.5mm
  • zz = Longitudinal Cutting Depth 30 = 3.0mm
  • Order Code PG3HTA/2530

PG2 Stripping PliersSheath DiameterCircular Longitudinal LengthWidthHeight
Alroc PG2HTA/282821 – 35 mm2.8 mm2.8 mm240 mm85 mm80 mm

PG3 Stripping PliersSheath DiameterCircular Longitudinal LengthWidthHeight
Alroc PG3HTA/253026 – 52 mm2.5 mm3.0 mm265 mm95 mm80 mm
Alroc PG3HTA/28282.8 mm2.8 mm240 mm85 mm80 mm
Alroc PG3HTA/28332.8 mm3.3 mm265 mm95 mm80 mm


PG4 Stripping PliersSheath DiameterCircular Longitudinal LengthWidthHeight
Alroc PG4HTA/303347 – 75 mm3.0 mm3.3 mm300 mm110 mm105 mm
Alroc PG4HTA/30353.5 mm

PG5 Stripping PliersSheath DiameterCircular Longitudinal LengthWidthHeight
Alroc PG5HTB/353569 – 95 mm3.5 mm3.5 mm360 mm140 mm160 mm

PG6 Stripping Pliers Sheath DiameterCircular Longitudinal LengthWidthHeight
Alroc PG6HTB/353590 – 125 mm3.5 mm3.5 mm515 mm195 mm200 mm
Alroc PG6HTB/40404.0 mm4.0 mm

PG7 Stripping Pliers Sheath DiameterCircular Longitudinal LengthWidthHeight
Alroc PG7HTB/3535120 – 170 mm3.5 mm3.5 mm515 mm195 mm200 mm

Cable Sheath Types

The cable sheath or cable jacket is a outer covering for mechanical protection of LV HV cables and also provides moisture barrier protection. Alroc cable sheath stripping pliers are suitable for removing cable jackets on most LV-HV-HV cables including:

PVC CableLSZH Low Smoke Zero Halogen CableLSF Low Smoke Fume CablePTFE CablePUR CableSilicone CableRubber Cables


The cable stripping tools remove overall primary jackets from MV concentric neutral EPR cables (15kV/25kV) with Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) manufactured in accordance with ANSI/ICEA S-94-649 used for the transmission and distribution of MV HV electrical power – this includes 1/0 awg, 4/0 awg, 500 kcmil and 1000 kcmil.

Cable Tools - 11kV & 33kV Jointing Tools For MV-HV Cable Preparation

Remove & Strip Cable sHEATH

Jointers Tools


  • MV Medium Voltage Cables 11kV 33kV
  • HV High Voltage Cables 66kV
  • EHV Extra High Voltage Transmission & Distribution Cables 132kV 245kV 400kV
Alroc Sheath Stripping Pliers

Alroc Sheath Stripping Pliers – 11kV medium voltage cable sheath removed for internal transformer tails within a Cast Resin Transformer

Alroc PG Cable Stripping Pliers


  • Green circle – Circular Blades. X4 per tool
  • Red circle – Longitudinal Blades. X1 per tool
  • Yellow circle – Nipper Blades. X2 per tool
Cable Stripping Pliers Alroc PG Tools

Cable Stripping Pliers Alroc PG Tools

The following tables shows the cutting blades available for use with Alroc PG type sheath cutting pliers:

PG1, 1 x Longitudinal Blade, 1.8mm Depth8YR0-BLADE18L
PG2, 4 x Circular Blades, 2.0mm Depth8YR0-BLADE20C
PG2, 1 x Longitudinal Blade, 2.0mm Depth8YR0-BLADE20L
PG3, 4 x Circular Blades, 2.0mm Depth8YR0-BLADE20C
PG3, 1 x Longitudinal Blade, 2.0mm Depth8YR0-BLADE20L
PG3, 4 x Circular Blades, 2.8mm Depth8YR0-BLADE28C
PG3, 1 x Longitudinal Blade, 2.8mm Depth8YR0-BLADE28L
PG4, 4 x Circular Blades, 3.0mm Depth8YR0-BLADE30C
PG4, 1 x Longitudinal Blade, 3.3mm Depth8YR0-BLADE33L
Claw Blades for above cable stripping pliers – Spare PG Nipper Blade (Pair)8YR0-LGPG
PG5, 4 x Circular Blades, 3.5mm Depth8YR0-BLADE35C
PG5, 1 x Longitudinal Blade, 3.5mm Depth8YR0-BLADE35L
PG6, 4 x Circular Blades, 3.5mm Depth8YR0-BLADE35C
PG6, 1 x Longitudinal Blade, 3.5mm Depth8YR0-BLADE35L
Claw Blades for above cable stripping pliers –  PG5/PG6 (2 required)8YR0-CLAW


➡ For further information about Alroc cable tools for removing cable sheath from MV-HV cables please see below.

Alroc PG type pliers are also suitable for removing cable sheath from twisted aerial cable, solar PV cable, rail cables and offshore specification cable.

Thorne & Derrick also distribute Cembre tools for cable cutting and cable crimping of copper and aluminium conductors.

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