Alroc CWB/18-60 Tool – Bonded Semiconductor Stripper With Chamferred Screen Cutback

Alroc CWB 18-60 Tool – Bonded Semiconductor Stripper With Chamferred Screen Cutback

Alroc CWB 18-60 Tool – Bonded Semiconductor Stripper | LV MV HV 11kV 33kV 66kV 132kV EHV Cable Jointing Tools

Alroc CWB/18-60

Alroc CWB/18-60 cable tools are used by MV-HV jointers to remove the semi-con screen to prepare the cable ready for the installation of joints, terminations or connectors.

The CWB/18-60 enables the user to easily remove the bonded semi-conductor with a chamfer on the transition, leaving a very smooth finish over the insulation – bonded conductor shields are semi-conducting thermosetting materials firmly bonded to the overlaying insulation.

The CWB/18-60 works without silicon grease.

Fully Bonded Screens

When jointing 11kV/33kV cables the phase of the cable joint procedure undertaken to remove the fully bonded screen demands utmost care and attention by the cable jointer – failure to do so can be the cause or be a contributory factor in the failure of the MV HV cable joint or termination. Cleanliness and attention to detail are vital – it is essential to avoid damaging the insulation at the semi-conducting screen termination and any cuts or voids that will lead to the premature failure of the joint or termination.

Note the Alroc CWB18-60 is designed to remove or strip bonded screens only from polymeric cables and shall not be used on any EPR or XLPE insulated easi-strip (peelable) cables.

  1. Ensure the 33kV cable is clean and straight
  2. Mark the semi-conducting screen at its termination point with a white Chinagraph pencil
  3. Set the tool stop to the required distance. Apply a roll spring to the white Chinagraph mark
  4. Close up the jointers tool up using the large, red plastic knob, to provide a firm grip that will still allow the tool to rotate
  5. Position the cutter at the front edge of the screen and set the depth of cut using the small metal knob – the adjustment is anticlockwise to increase the depth of cut, clockwise to decrease. If necessary, practice on a scrap piece of cable to obtain the correct depth setting. The ideal setup will have two thirds of the removed material to be the black semi-con and one third of the removed material being the translucent XLPE insulation
  6. With the correct depth set, now rotate the whole tool using the rear handle, in the direction of the arrow that is printed onto the body of the toool – as the tool is rotated it will move progressively down the cable, peeling the screen. Do not apply excess pressure. The selected depth setting should produce a clean, smooth cut free of black semi-conducting material
  7. When the required screen termination position is reached, the tool stop will come in contact with the roll spring thus providing clean screen edge and prevent the tool from moving down the cable. Continue to rotate the tool until a clean cut screen edge is produced. Open the tool and remove the tool on completion
  8. After the tool is removed, examine the surface of the insulation to ensure all semiconducting layer has been removed
  9. Using aluminium oxide tape, abrade the exposed insulation ensuring a smooth finish along its length and at the semi-conducting chamfer (any ribbing within the surface of the insulation must be abraded out to a smooth finish)
  10. Using the approved cable cleaning wipes, remove all traces of the semi-conducting screen wiping from the cable end towards the cable termination point
CWB 18-60 MV HV Cable Jointing Tool

CWB 18-60 MV HV Cable Jointing Tool

Alroc CWB/18-60 – Technical Specification

Cable Tool Part Number Diameter Tool Capacity Dimensions Packaging
Thickness capacity Angle of the chamfer on the semiconductor Remaining length of the semiconductor Length Width Height
Alroc CWB/18-60 18 – 60 mm 0,709 – 2,362 in 1,1 mm / 0,043 in 25-30-40 mm / 0,984-1,181-1,575 in 235 mm 9,252 in 125 mm 4,921 in 90 mm 3,543 in None
Alroc CWB/18-60-FEP 18 – 60 mm 0,709 – 2,362 in 1,8 mm / 0,071 in 13° 25-30-40 mm / 0,984-1,181-1,575 in 235 mm 9,252 in 125 mm 4,921 in 90 mm 3,543 in None

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➡ For further information about Alroc cable tools for removing cable screen from MV-HV cables please see below.

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