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Earthing & Lightning Protection

Earthing and lightning protection manufactured by AN Wallis from high conductivity copper to BS EN 13601 is installed to protect buildings, overhead lines and medium/high voltage substations (MV-HV) against potentially catastrophic damage that can be caused by a lightning strike resulting in short circuiting.

The Wallis product range includes copper earth rods (solid copper, copper bond and stainless steel types), earth bars, copper tape, earth clamps and aluminium tapes.

Substation copper earth tapes for grounding medium/high voltage power (11kV-33kV) up to 400kV are available from stock in a range of widths and thicknesses with different cross sectional areas depending on site conditions and level of earthing protection required as calculated by survey.

Also copper tape conductors, copper earth mats and plates, DC fixings clips, air terminals, earthing rod clamps and low resistance soil conditioning agents including Marconite or Bentonite.

AN Wallis earthing and lightning protection is specified and installed across the globe to protect buildings and infrastructure from lightning strikes and to provide surge protection including exothermic welding.

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Should you require further information or assistance with working on a bill of materials for your earthing requirements, please do not hesitate to contact Thorne & Derrick. Designers of Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems can benefit from downloading our AN Wallis Handbook – an essential resource to ensure compliance with BS EN 62305 the document covers:

  • Design of Structural Lightning Protection (BS EN 62305) – Rolling Sphere, Mesh & Protective Angle
  • Design of Roof Termination Network
  • Copper Tape & Down Conductors – Calculation & Location
  • Foundation Copper Earth Rods & Electrodes
  • See also Static Earthing for Hazardous Areas & Explosive Atmospheres
Copper Earthing

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Thorne & Derrick provide competitive prices and fast delivery from stock for the complete range of earthing and lightning protection. A. N. Wallis & Co Ltd has over 70 years experience in the design, manufacture and marketing of Lightning Protection, Earthing & Low Voltage Electronic Surge Protection products. A broad range of technical and design services are also an important part of the Wallis offering which includes full design of structural lightning protection systems, design of substation earthing systems, soil resistivity tests, commissioning and project consultation. A N Wallis are a British company with their headquarters, machine shop, warehousing and the latest technology Copper & Aluminium production plant all operated from a 36,000 square foot site in Nottingham. A. N. Wallis has grown steadily and is a recognised world leader in the manufacture of quality Earthing, Lightning Protection, LV Surge Protection and Exothermic Welding products.

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