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Earth Bars

Earth Bars | Standard, Single & Twin Links | Manufactured from Copper by AN Wallis

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Copper Earth Bars

As the UK’s largest distributor of copper earth bars we can provide excellent service for the complete range of Earthing & Lightning Protection products including copper tape, rods, clamps and ancillary items.

  • Earthing bars can be tinned and bases power coated to improve corrosion resistance
  • Bars are pre-drilled with cable connection holes with optional threads for installation ease
  • Manufactured from highest conductivity and quality copper to British Standards
  • Full range of standard, single and twin link types for LV, MV & HV switchroom/substations
  • Customised to suit the earthing requirements of your project on short lead times


Substation earthing bars (LV HV) are used to marshall earth connections, connect copper earth rods or earth cable conductors using crimp lugs for terminations in substations, cable pits, feeder pillars and switchgear.

Standard Copper Earth Bars

AN Wallis Part Number Number of Ways/Terminations Earth Bar Dimensions (length x width x height)  Unit Weight 
EBC006 6 400mm x 90mm x 60mm 2.00kg
EBC008 8 500mm x 90mm x 60mm 2.30kg
EBC010 10 650mm x 90mm x 60mm 3.20kg
EBC012 12 750mm x 90mm x 60mm 4.00kg
EBC014 14 850mm x 90mm x 60mm 4.90kg
EBC016 16 950mm x 90mm x 60mm 5.80kg
EBC018 18 1100mm x 90mm x 60mm 6.70kg
EBC020 20 1250mm x 90mm x 60mm 7.60kg
EBC024 24 1400mm x 90mm x 60mm 8.50kg
EBC026 26 1550mm x 90mm x 60mm 10.30kg
EBC028 28 1650mm x 90mm x 60mm 11.20kg
EBC030 30 1800mm x 90mm x 60mm 12.10kg


Custom Earth Bars

Thorne & Derrick can design and deliver customised copper earth bars to suit specific project requirements – here is an example of a non-standard earth bar manufactured from hard drawn tinned copper bar (50 x 6mm).

  • Length – 1000mm
  • Centres – 50mm
  • Stud Assembly – M10 x 35 Brass Hex Head Set c/w Flat Washer, Spring Washer & 2 Nuts
  • Insulators – Reinforced Polyester – Colour Black
  • Base – Galvanised Steel

Earth Bars With Single LinkS

AN Wallis Part Number Number of Ways/Terminations Earth Bar Dimensions (length x width x height)  Unit weight
EBC106 6 485mm x 90mm x 60mm 2.50kg
EBC108 8 585mm x 90mm x 60mm 3.00kg
EBC110 10 735mm x 90mm x 60mm 3.90kg
EBC112 12 835mm x 90mm x 60mm 4.70kg
EBC114 14 935mm x 90mm x 60mm 5.60kg
EBC116 16 1035mm x 90mm x 60mm 6.50kg
EBC118 18 1185mm x 90mm x 60mm 7.40kg
EBC120 20 1335mm x 90mm x 60mm 8.30kg
EBC122 22 1385mm x 90mm x 60mm 9.20kg
EBC124 24 1485mm x 90mm x 60mm 10.10kg
EBC126 26 1635mm x 90mm x 60mm 11.00kg
EBC128 28 1735mm x 90mm x 60mm 11.90kg
EBC130 30 1885mm x 90mm x 60mm 12.80kg

Earth Bars With Twin Disconnecting Links

AN Wallis Part Number Number of Ways/Terminations Earth Bar Dimensions (length x width x height)  Unit Weight
EBC206 6 570mm x 90mm x 60mm 3.10kg
EBC208 8 670mm x 90mm x 60mm 3.70kg
EBC210 10 820mm x 90mm x 60mm 4.50kg
EBC212 12 920mm x 90mm x 60mm 5.30kg
EBC214 14 1020mm x 90mm x 60mm 6.20kg
EBC216 16 1120mm x 90mm x 60mm 7.10kg
EBC218 18 1270mm x 90mm x 60mm 8.00kg
EBC220 20 1420mm x 90mm x 60mm 8.90kg
EBC222 22 1470mm x 90mm x 60mm 9.80kg
EBC224 24 1570mm x 90mm x 60mm 10.70kg
EBC226 26 1720mm x 90mm x 60mm 11.60kg
EBC228 28 1820mm x 90mm x 60mm 12.50kg
EBC230 30 1885mm x 90mm x 60mm 13.40kg

Earth Bars

Earth Bars & Marshalling Bars

All earth connections are usually labelled and connected via separate connections to a dedicated copper earth bar (GRP/brick-built designs) or marshalling bar (integral/basement designs) which in turn shall be connected to the main transformer/switchgear earth terminal to allow:

  • Personnel to determine if the earthing is intact when entering the substation
  • The earthing to be easily identified
  • The earth resistance to be measured using a clamp meter

Note: At new enclosed high voltage substations the HV earth bar within the LV feeder pillar shall not be used to marshal the earthing connections as access, particularly at IDNO substations, to the LV cabinet/pillar is not always available. However it is acceptable to use the HV earth bar within the LV feeder pillar at existing outdoor sites for all earth connections to prevent theft.

Temper Designation Standard Tensile Strength (Ksi)
Min Max Yield Strength (Ksi) Min
060 Soft 30 38
H00 Cold-Rolled 1/8 Hard 32 40 20
H01 Cold-Rolled, high yield 1/4 Hard 34 42 28
H02 Half Hard 37 46 30
H03 Three quarter Hard 41 50 32
H04 43 52 35
Earth Bars

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